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Learn what to expect from a career in corrections as you navigate the path and complete the critical steps along the way.

Two Delaware Department of Corrections and Parole Officers visited the students to explain training requirements and career opportunities
Lieutenant (Ret.) Gary Cornelius discusses steps you can take to maintain officer morale while providing quality supervision of inmates and enhancing the careers of staff.
Wildland firefighter inmates learn marketable job skills while earning minimum wage
“It’s a people job. If you enjoy people, those inmates are people all day long. If you treat them fairly and with respect, you get respect”
After your initial training, it can seem like you are not seeing or learning nearly as much
While serving as a Marine in Japan, Jose Villegas saw news about the deadly riot at the New Mexico State Penitentiary and decided to become a corrections officer
If you work in an agency that offers career development opportunities, certain behaviors will deter your progression
Here are more tips on how to survive the interview
Here are some of the positive things about a career in corrections that all COs should be reminded of
COs must balance helping inmates with maintaining a secure correctional facility – follow these top tips to improve your safety
If you look at retirement like a standard four-sided foundation, it features four cornerstones: activity, financial, physical and emotional
A pension might be padding for a comfortable retirement, but is it all you need?
The department manages an in-house population of more than 25,000 inmates
While experienced criminal justice professionals have dealt with administrative transitions, some newer practitioners may feel a bit anxious about their career future
Self-development is a continuous process and you have to be on the edge or outside of your comfort zone in order to grow
It takes 160 hours of training per year for one detention center officer
One of the officers in the shakedown pointed out the bigger issue of COs smuggling cell phones
The contract includes 13 full paid holidays and two half-days off immediately before Christmas and New Year’s
Warden who oversaw a botched execution in 2014 and a second lethal injection this year in which an inmate was given the wrong drugs is retiring
CO was fired a year ago after he allowed his cousin to move in with him three months after being discharged from prison