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To fulfill our editorial mission to deliver the most comprehensive and authoritative coverage of the critical issues impacting our nation's prisons and jails, the Corrections1 columnist roster features subject matter experts from each discipline within the field of corrections. Our columnists have experience and expertise in correctional leadership, correctional facility management, correctional training, correctional supervision, correctional healthcare, community corrections, corrections grant funding, and probation and parole.  

Corrections1 columnists provide unique, on-the-job insights gathered from decades of experience working in many different types of departments and agencies across the country. Columnists have typically served in specialty positions – such as the warden of the “Supermax” facility in Florence, Colorado, and director of prisons for the Western Region in Colorado – and as defensive tactics instructors, emergency response team instructors and use of force instructors, and possess undergraduate and graduate degrees. Corrections1 columnists also serve as expert witnesses, deliver field training, author books and textbooks including “Corruption Behind Bars,” “Correctional Manipulation” and “The Correctional Officer: A Practical Guide,” conduct corrections-related research, present at corrections and law enforcement conferences, and teach in corrections academies, universities, jails and prisons.

To submit articles, follow the steps outlined in our author guidelines. All articles are subject to review and not all submissions are accepted by the Corrections1 Editor-in-Chief.

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