Keep Your Facility Safe with Shank-Free Cleaning

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Briarwood Products offers a full line of high-quality plastic cleaning tools ideal for use in correctional facilities and safe for all to use. All products are 100% Metal-Free and ideal for use in Correctional Facilities.

Included in the line are the Adjust-A-Turn Surface Cleaning Tools, Wet Mop Holders, Sweeping Equipment and Fiberglass Telescoping Extension Poles. 

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All products are made in the USA.

  • Designed to eliminate the potential for makeshift weapons from hard plastic or metal parts.
  • Fully interchangeable – if one should break, you do not have to buy a whole new system of cleaning tools.
  • Rugged 100% plastic construction- No Metal
  • Most units are bonded with adhesive to make a complete solid unit to prevent disassembly by inmates.
  • All bristles are fused onto the block to ensure a secure Metal Free bond
  • Will not conduct electricity.
  • Chemical resistant and prevents bacteria growth

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