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Phoenix, MD 21131
Phone: 1-800-590-0495

TextBehind, Inc is an advanced technology development company providing state-of-the-art software and mail management services to the corrections industry.

For the family and friends, TextBehind offers an easy to use full service website as well as mobile apps to create their letters electronically as well as an option to send physical letters for processing.

For the correctional facility operators, TextBehind CAMMP system (software and service) are offered to manage inmate mail on daily basis with higher degree of operational efficiency and enhanced security. 

After launching TextBehind CAMMP system, we eliminated contraband from inmate mailings by 100% in addition to saving significant costs to a growing list of correctional facilities currently under contract across the nation.

TextBehind® CAMMP system (Comprehensive Access to Mail Management Portal) is a highly practical and easy to use cloud-based web application that is offered to the correctional facility operators. This application was created specifically to be used by the correctional officers to manage every aspect of inmate mail review and approval process on daily basis. Additionally, this system is equipped with a series of advanced automation functions to streamline mailroom operations to save time and enhance security across the board.

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