Just The Job: Nurse at Corrections

Farisha is a third year nursing student and wants to learn more about a career in nursing with the Corrections Department. At the Springhill men's prison she meets Kirstin, a nurse working within the prison who explains what the role involves. Essentially she tells Farisha it is the same as nursing in the community as the full range of heath care services are provided. However those arriving at the prison often haven't taken good care of their health so can often be unwell when they arrive. "You need to be tolerant, patient, kind, and leave your prejudice at the door," says Kirstin. Next up they visit the women's prison in Wiri and meet a patient who believes she may be pregnant. Tests are carried out and the pregnancy is confirmed. Kirstin reassures the woman she will be well cared for during her pregnancy and that there is a mother/baby unit at the prison so she won't be separated from her newborn. Farisha is impressed with what she has seen in both environments and with her strong desire to help others, she believes working as a nurse within the Corrections Department will be a good career role for her in the future. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz

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