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Correctional Officer
Issaquah Police Department - Issaquah, Washington

Jan 14, 2020

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Application Deadline:
Dec 31, 2020

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$55,586.04 annual
Top Pay:
$70,956.60 annual

Job Description

Positions in this classification are responsible to book, supervise, receive, discharge, and assure the safety and security of City jail inmates and their belongings.

Essential Functions

  • Assure the security and welfare of jail inmates; supervise inmates' daily activities; screen items going in and coming out of inmate's cells; make routine security checks; assure assigned area is maintained in an orderly manner.
  • Observe, direct, escort, move and supervise jail inmates during daily activities including meals, court appearances, work details, interviews, commissary, appointments, sick calls and other activities; lock down and secure inmates.
  • Take initial custody of prisoners arrested in the City; search prisoners to remove contraband and weapons; issue clothing; process, photograph, fingerprint and place prisoners in cells.
  • Communicate with other jail personnel regarding activities and incidents in the jail; respond to alarms and take appropriate action according to procedural guidelines;
  • Coordinate the release of inmates for court appearance or health needs; review documents such as court orders and physician's orders; release inmates to law enforcement officers or other authorized transport personnel as appropriate.
  • Perform pre-booking, booking, pre-release and release functions to assure that information regarding inmates entering or leaving the jail is properly recorded.
  • Makes initial assessment of inmate for any medical, safety, or security reasons.
  • Maintains direct contact with inmates who may be mentally unstable, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or potentially physically volatile.
  • Prepares and maintains records and logs related to daily activities, bookings, maintenance needs and inmates; shred and dispose of records as authorized; order and dispense supplies and maintain related records; dispense medication as needed and as specified by medical staff.
  • Operates control room; monitors and operates closed circuit television cameras and emergency monitors; controls all entrances, doors, and gates within the facility; and watches for potentially dangerous, suspicious situations, or activities within the facility.
  • Process court documents and provides inmate information to other law enforcement agencies, the courts and other jail personnel.
  • Assist with the laundry, kitchen, janitorial, medical and other functions in the jail as needed; supervise trustees in the accomplishment of assigned duties.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.

Additional Information


Any combination equivalent to graduation from high school and sufficient training and experience to demonstrate the knowledge and abilities listed above.

++Licensing and Certifications:++

  • Successful accomplishment of written, oral and physical agility tests.
  • Satisfactorily pass a medical exam, psychological exam and background investigation. Must pass Cooper test (physical fitness) and complete Criminal Justice Training Corrections Academy.
  • Possession of a valid Washington State Driver's License with a driving record free of serious or frequent violations.
  • A driving record free of any violations related to ability to drive Police vehicles safely and effectively.
  • A personal record free of any convictions related to fitness for fulfilling the job requirements.
  • Ability to obtain all licenses necessary for Department equipment operator, e.g., Breathalyzer.
  • Ability to properly use and care for firearms.
  • Ability to obtain officially approved standard first aid certification.
  • ALL applicants can apply at

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21+
  • Education: High School Graduate or Equivalent - AA degree or higher preferred
  • Experience: Entry level = none, Lateral = State Academy plus two years corrections experience with a recognized Corrections Dept

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Knowledge of record-keeping techniques, maintaining records and preparing reports.
  • Knowledge of and ability to apply correct English usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to assure the safety and security of City jail inmates, as well as receive, book, process and discharge inmates.
  • Ability to supervise, observe, move, escort and secure inmates during daily activities and work effectively with potentially hostile and abusive inmates.
  • Ability to learn, apply and explain laws, codes, rules, regulations, policies and procedures, including health and safety regulations, and comply with safety standards.
  • Ability to carry out orders and work within scope of authority.
  • Ability to relate effectively to people of a variety of cultures, languages, disabilities and socio-economic situations.
  • Ability to establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others, using tact, patience and courtesy.
  • Knowledge of basic math: Add, subtract, multiply and divide quickly and accurately.
  • Knowledge of computers and ability to type at 30 words net per minute from clear copy.
  • Knowledge of and ability to observe legal and defensive driving practices.
  • Ability to work varied schedules and shifts.
  • Ability to pull an object weighing 150 pounds a distance of 50 feet.

Contact Informaton

Bob Porter

Issaquah Police Department
130 E. Sunset Way
Issaquah, Washington 98027
phone: 4258373215

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