Correctional Officer - Warner Creek Correctional Facility - Lakeview, Oregon

Correctional Officer
Oregon Department of Corrections - Lakeview, Oregon

Jan 2, 2020

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Application Deadline:
Dec 31, 2020

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$44760 annual
Top Pay:
$69300 annual

Job Description

As a Correctional Officer, you will work in a team setting to maintain order within the institutions, enforcing rules and regulations while providing care and ensuring safety and security. You will help adults in custody be orderly and obey agency guidelines and standards while monitoring their activities and supervising their work assignments. Cell checks and searches of adults in custody and their living quarters for contraband, settling disputes, and enforcing discipline are often required. Observing, inspecting, and reporting of safety, sanitary, and fire hazard are routine.

Correctional Officers are expected to demonstrate the Oregon Accountability Model (OAM) daily. Working within the OAM, you will provide a guideline and foundation for inmates to lead successful lives upon release.

There are six components of the OAM:

· Criminal Risk Factor Assessment and Case Planning

· Staff-Inmate Interactions

· Work and Programs

· Children and Families

· Re-entry and Community Supervision

· Programs

Each of these components stands on its own as a project or a part of the corrections organization and culture. However, woven together these six separate components form a fabric that strengthens the department's ability to hold offenders accountable for their actions, and Department of Corrections (DOC) staff accountable for achieving the mission and vision of the department – reducing recidivism and helping adults in custody to become productive citizens.


Submit your APPLICATION online via Workday. This is the only acceptable application for the department.

Additional Information

Being a Correctional Officer provides a challenge for your personal fitness, intellect, and maturity. As a Correctional Officer, you will set limits, provide an example of a good role model, and assist in facilitating change in the lives of the adults in custody (AIC). The daily work of a Correctional Officer uses power and authority towards people who are in a difficult situation. The correctional environment is filled with various tasks, allowing you to gain insight on yourself and others.

DOC offers positions across Oregon – locations include Baker City, Lakeview, Madras, Wilsonville, North Bend, Ontario, Salem, Tillamook, Pendleton, Portland, and Umatilla.

Our Basic Corrections Courses (BCC) fill up fast – so act fast. If a career in corrections interests you, don’t hesitate – schedule your NTN REACT test today and apply! (Details below)

Once hired, you will begin by attending the BCC. Your training is on-the-job, meaning you will start earning a paycheck even during training! Previous correctional experience is not a requirement, however preference may be given to those with a four-year college degree. This position is an entry level position.

Your first year is considered to be a probationary period including the BCC (six-week academy course), classroom training, online courses, health and fitness classes, force skills training, and a comprehensive Field Training Evaluation Program (FTEP). BCC is certified by the Department of Public Safety and Standards Training (DPSST).

For the duration of the probationary period, work hours, shifts, and days off will vary based on the needs of the institution. All Correctional Officer positions are union represented and training, work hours, breaks, days off, etc. will be determined by your institution’s labor contract. Once the probationary period is completed, work shifts and days off may be subject to a bid process in accordance with the applicable labor contract.


DOC employee benefits include medical, dental, vision, and basic employee life coverage through the Public Employees' Benefit Board (PEBB) and retirement benefits through the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS). Paid vacation leave and sick leave are accrued monthly and wage increases are awarded in accordance with the applicable labor contract.


Submit your APPLICATION online via Workday. This is the only acceptable application for the department.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21 +
  • Education: High School diploma or GED
  • Experience: none needed - we supply the Basic Corrections Course and on-the-job training

Minimum Qualifications

· High school diploma, GED, or bachelor's degree

· 21 years of age or older at time of hire

· United States citizen

· Meet DPSST Physical Standards

· Possess reading comprehension, report writing, and retention abilities

· Satisfactorily complete DOC’s background investigation OAR 259-008-0015

Special Qualifications

· Must pass NTN REACT test with a minimum score of 70% in all areas

· Good employee work history

· Have a history of law abiding behavior OAR 259-008-0070

· No evidence of substance abuse

· Proficient using computers

· Possess a valid driver's license

· Satisfactory driving record within the last three years

Desired Attributes

· Good interpersonal skills, show initiative, and are able to make independent choices

· Ability to reflect critical thinking

· Inclusive and flexible


Submit your APPLICATION online via Workday. This is the only acceptable application for the department.

Contact Informaton

Kelli Ketchum

Oregon Department of Corrections
Lakeview, Oregon 97630
phone: 503-934-1046

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