Jail Deputy Trainee

Deputy (Corrections)
Collier County Sheriff's Office - Naples, Florida

Jul 20, 2020

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Application Deadline:
Aug 8, 2028

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$18.25 hourly
Academy Graduate:
$20.10 hourly

Job Description

Examples of Duties:

  • Operate local CJIS/CJNET terminal.
  • Control/restrain/subdue inmates by the use of proper restraining holds, devices, or substances without causing undue pain or injury.
  • Mediate and successfully resolve disputes between inmates and offenders utilizing the minimum force required, implementing or recommending the appropriate disciplinary action.
  • Answer inmate questions in an objective professional manner, making no promises and referring unanswered questions to appropriate personnel.
  • Verify inmate/suspect identification prior to movement or transport.
  • Locate and confiscate unauthorized inmate property/weapons/contraband.
  • Arrange and coordinate attorney/inmate visitation and other court related functions with appropriate legal personnel.
  • Observe, document and report any unusual changes in inmate behavior.
  • Notify designated persons during emergency situations, penetrations, escapes, security breaches, riots, fights, disorders, unusual activity, sabotage, pilferage or security violations.
  • Prevent escape/attempt while supervising inmate outside of facility.
  • Move inmates and/or supervise inmate transport.
  • Respond to and report inmate grievances/complaints/injuries.
  • Respond to officer down alarm.
  • Administer first aid/CPR/AED.

Additional Information

A $3,000 one-time sign on bonus will be awarded to all successful applicants appointed to full-time certified positions. Restrictions apply, please contact Human Resources for full details.

  • Type:Full Time
  • Salary/Pay Rate:$40,807 per year (Jail Deputy Trainee) / $44,943 per year (Certified Jail Deputy)

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office will provide academy training – a 13- week program held in Ft. Myers, Florida.

What to expect after you have applied:

  • Your application will be reviewed and a preliminary criminal history check will be conducted
  • You will be scheduled for the appropriate testing
  • After passing testing you will be scheduled for an interview
  • After received a passing score on the interview, you will be issued a conditional offer
  • You will then be scheduled to take the following:
    • A polygraph examination
    • A medical exam with lab work
    • A psychological evaluation
    • A physical fitness evaluation if you are applying for a law enforcement, corrections or community service position
  • A background investigation will be completed

PHYSICAL ABILITIES TESTApplicants begin the PAT seated in a full size automobile with their seat belt on, their hands on the steering wheel at the ten and two o'clock positions. Each applicant wears a pull away flag belt, with a flag over each hip, around his or her waist. The trunk key is in the vehicle's closed glove compartment. A handgun and a flashlight are lying in the vehicle's closed trunk.Applicants must complete the course in 6:04Task 1: Remove your hands from the steering wheel, unfasten the seat belt, open the glove compartment take the key out. Get out of the car and go to the trunk, (the glove box and door are left open) insert the key, unlock, and open the trunk. You must use the key to open the trunk. Touch each flag with the opposite hand, from behind your back, and take the belt off. Remove the handgun and baton from the trunk. Close the trunk, leaving the key in the lock. Move toward the bench or stool. Place the handgun on the stool; keep the flashlight.Task 2: Run 220 yards on a flat surface toward the obstacle course.Task 3: Enter the obstacle course. Climb over a 40" wall. Run ten feet. Jump over three hurdles (24", 12", and 18") spaced five feet apart. Run ten feet and enter the serpentine. Run through 9 pylons placed in a single row, 5’ apart. Run ten feet toward the low crawl. Drop to the ground and crawl eight feet under a 27" open-air barrier. Drop the baton beside the last low-crawl pylon. You must stop and repeat any portion of the obstacle course, if you knock over a hurdle or pylon.Task 4: Stand up and sprint 50'. Grab the 150-pound sled and drag it 100' on a cut grass surface.Task 5: Drop the sled and sprint 50' toward the pylons. Drop into a low crawl and pick up the baton. Enter the obstacle course in reverse. Low crawl eight feet under a 27" high open-air barrier. Stand up and run ten feet toward the serpentine. Run in a serpentine manner through nine pylons placed in a single row, five feet apart. Run ten feet and jump over three hurdles (18”, 12”, and 24”). Run ten feet. Climb over the 40" wall.Task 6: Run 220 yards.Task 7: Place the baton on the bench. Pick up the handgun. Assume a proper firing position and fire six rounds using dominant hand. Fire six rounds with the supporting hand.Task 8: Pick up the flashlight (keeping the gun) and run to the trunk, turn the key, and open the trunk. Place the weapon and flashlight inside the trunk. Close the trunk and remove the key from the lock. Run to the driver's side door and enter the vehicle. Close the door, place the key in the glove compartment, and close it. Securely fasten your seat belt. Place your hands on the steering wheel at ten o'clock and two o'clock positions.


Paid Days Off

Block of hours which incorporates holidays and annual leave. Accrues at 6.5 hours per pay period for civilians for an annual total of 169 hours (6.95 hours for certified for annual total of 180 hours). Accrual rates increase to 8.0/8.6 after 5 years of service and 9.53/10.25 after 10 years of service. ELIGIBILITY: Available to use as accrued after 12 months of permanent service

Sick Leave

Accrues at 4.62 hours per pay period for civilians for an annual total of 120 hours (4.97 hours for certified for annual total of 129 hours). ELIGIBILITY: As accrued

Health Insurance

Single coverage available to full-time members. Single plans: $35-$100 per month depending on the annual income. *Family plans available to full-time members. Family plans: $75-$165 per month depending on the annual income. $350-$450 annual deductible for single plans, $1050-$1350 for family plans. *Includes prescription drug plan. ELIGIBILITY: First of the month following the date of permanent hire


Regular risk: Employees retire at any age with 33 years of service – at 65 with 8 years

Special risk: Employees retire with 30 total years of special risk service and age 60; or after 30 years of special risk service regardless of age

Agency paid contributions to Florida Retirement System Or Investment Plan: a defined contribution plan. Vested after 1 year of service and is portable

ELIGIBILITY: Vested at 6 years of service (6 years effective 7/2001) or 1 year investment plan

Tuition Reimbursement

Up to $5000 per calendar year for undergraduate or graduate work. ELIGIBILITY: Immediately

Life Insurance

Agency paid. Benefit is equal to amount of annual salary rounded to nearest thousand. ”Double indemnity” for accidental death.

ELIGIBILITY: First of the month following the date of permanent hire

Member Assistance Program Features 5 pre-paid individual, confidential psychological counseling sessions for all permanent members and those dependents covered by group health plan.

ELIGIBILITY: First of the month following date of permanent hire

Education Incentive AA/AS degree = $30/month, or BA/BS degree = $80/month . Degree must be from a fully accredited institution per CJSTC rules. ELIGIBILITY: Immediately

Education Supplement

Additional $20/month for a graduate degree. Degree must be from a fully accredited institution per CJSTC rules.

Career Incentive

$20/month per 80 hours of approved CJSTC coursework. Total of $130/month maximum with undergraduate degree or $120/month maximum with no degree. ELIGIBILITY: Immediately

Court Time

All court time required by position is paid time with a minimum of 2 hours paid for a call to court. ELIGIBILITY: Immediately

Sick Leave Bank

A member can join by donating sick, annual leave or compensatory time. This fund is for emergency extended sick leave by participating agency members upon application to committee. ELIGIBILITY: 9 months full-time permanent service and 55 hours accumulated sick leave

Flexible Spending Accounts

A member may elect to use pre-tax dollars to cover un-reimbursed medical expenses or dependent care expenses. Member's portions of Health & Dental insurance premiums are paid with pre-tax dollars. ELIGIBILITY: Jan. 1 following date of permanent hire

Attendance Incentive Plan

Convert up to 3 used sick leave days to annual leave or cash per year ELIGIBILITY: 12 months of permanent service as of 12/31

Dental Insurance

Agency paid single coverage for all full-time members. Family plans available to full-time members: $20.00 per month. Direct reimbursement plan. 1st $100.00 is covered at 100%, $100.00 deductible then 80% of next $1300.00. ELIGIBILITY: First of the month following permanent hire. Open enrollment is not guaranteed.

Vision Plan

Coverage for all full-time members. Premium included in Health plan. Direct reimbursement plan. 1st $50.00 is covered at 100%, $50.00 deductible then 80% of next $200.00, maximum benefit of $210 annually. ELIGIBILITY: 1st of the month following date of permanent hire. Open enrollment is not guaranteed.

Supplemental Insurance

Member may purchase various types of supplemental insurance (life, legal, disability, and hospitalization) at low group rates through payroll deduction. ELIGIBILITY: Various


Mandatory Physical Exam for all certified Deputies. Agency paid fitness evaluation. Weight training facilities. Health and wellness benefits up to $25/month for members who actively participate in certain wellness/physical fitness programs. ELIBIBILITY: Immediately

Direct Deposit

CCSO will deposit your check to any banking institution or credit union ELIGIBILITY: Immediately

Deferred Compensation Plan

Tax-deferred savings plan available for retirement purposes. Member contributions only. ELIGIBILITY: Immediately

Financial Services

Suncoast Credit Union and FFIB Bank offer: automatic deposit, checking & savings accounts. VISA/MC at reduced rates. Mortgages and consumer loans available. ELIGIBILITY: Immediately


Uniforms provided as required. Uniform maintenance/shoe allowance $130/annually. ELIGIBILITY: Immediately

Benefit Fund

May elect to join by donating $1 or more per pay period. Funds used for emergency needs of participating agency members upon application to committee. ELIGIBILITY: 6 months after enrollment

Funeral Leave

Up to 5 days leave for death in immediate family. ELIGIBILITY: Immediately


Q. How long will it take before I can begin my career with the CCSO? A. Applications can be processed within 30 to 60 days. It is up to the applicant how fast the process goes.

An out-of-state applicant needs to set aside a minimum of one week for processing in Naples. This time needs to be scheduled with Human Resources for the interview and testing to be arranged.

Applicants for non-certified positions can begin as a temporary member during processing. Temporary members must pass skills testing and an oral interview prior to start date. Temporary members can start as early as a week or two after they have submitted their application.

Q. What can I do to speed up the hiring process? A. Read the application thoroughly.

Be sure you have included all of the needed documentation. If you are missing a document, make a note that you are in the process of retrieving it. Be available for the interview and testing. Respond to phone calls and letters promptly and provide an e-mail address as a way of contacting you.

Q. I know many CCSO members. Can they help me through the hiring process? A. They can give you information about the CCSO or provide you with a personal reference but all scheduling of interviews and testing must be made through Human Resources.

Q. What is an interview board and what kind of questions will be asked? A. The interview includes a minimum of three CCSO members; a representative from Human Resources and at least two members of the division you are applying for. We will ask you questions about your background, education, training and job history. You will have an opportunity during the interview to ask us questions too.

Q. Will I be judged on my appearance? A. First impressions are important. You should appear in your best, clean clothing. Jeans, tee shirts, provocative or revealing clothing and excessive or unusual jewelry are not recommended for an interview.

Q. I do not meet the requirements for a position as a law enforcement deputy, can the CCSO help me? A. There are several career paths you can take to achieve this goal. You can gain 24 months of experience as a certified jail deputy and make the same salary and get the same benefits as a law enforcement deputy. You can also become a Dispatcher or Community Service Deputy for three years to become eligible to become a law enforcement deputy.

Q. Is my driving record important? A. Your driving record is important if you will be required to drive a CCSO vehicle. Responsible driving habits are indicative of maturity and demonstrate concern for your safety and the safety of others.

Q. Does prior drug use eliminate me from consideration? A. Applicants are reluctant to admit prior use. More applicants are rejected because they did not tell the truth about prior drug use and experimentation. We require that you have not used any marijuana within the past 12 months or any other illegal drug within the past 5 years. See our ++drug policy++ to learn more.

Q. What is the “Number One” reason that an applicant is not offered a position? A. Being untruthful is “number one.” Each member may be called upon to provide testimony in court if involved in an incident. A member’s integrity should not be a weakness that can be questioned in court. We expect applicants to able to provide accurate, complete and truthful information. If we discover an applicant has been untruthful they will be rejected. If you can’t recall exact dates, places and times, state “approximate” on the application or at the interview.

Q. What is the F-BAT or the CJ-BAT? A. These are computerized, multiple choice, scenario based tests designed to help predict the success of an applicant in a certified position. It is required that all trainee applicants for a Florida certified position take and pass the F-BAT or CJ-BAT within 4 years prior to attending the academy. The test can be taken at various locations in the State of Florida and takes approximately two hours.

Q. How do I study for the F-BAT or CJ-BAT? A. Studying is not recommended, however you may purchase a study guide on line at www.mdc.edu/north/f-bat/studyguide.asp.

Q. What tests are given to applicants for non-certified positions? A. Applicants for non-certified positions are given skills tests that are job-related and a general aptitude test. While you can brush up on your keyboarding skills, there is no “study guide” for these tests. Some applicants have used the GED study guide just to freshen up skills.

Q. I have applied other places. I would prefer to work at the CCSO. What if I get a commitment for another job? A. You are the only person who can make that decision. We will not advise you to give up an offer for another job. Until our process is complete, you will not be given a date of hire.

Q. If my application is processed and I complete all the tests does that mean I will get hired? A. Most people who get hired have completed the entire process; however, we reserve the right to stop the process at any point if we discover you have been untruthful on your application.

Q. If I am not hired, will you tell me why? A. In some cases the applicant is not hired simply because other applicants had skills, training, education or experience that better suited the needs of the position. Some applicants may be fully processed and not offered a position. We do our best to provide you with a response; however, there is no legal requirement that we provide you with information about our decision.

Q. If I am not hired, can I have my application back? A. Your application becomes public record under Florida Public Records Law, Florida Statute 119. We must retain the public record for the minimum period of time required by law and make it available for viewing if a request is made. Portions of your processing are exempt from public disclosure, such as medical information.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 19
  • Education: High School Diploma or G.E.D.
  • Experience: No experience necessary!
  • United States citizen.
  • Crime free with no recent or extensive use of illegal substances.
  • Good moral character.
  • Ability to perform essential functions of a certified Jail Deputy.
  • Ability to communicate, orally and in writing, in English.
  • Ability to look beyond surface issues to identify and analyze problems and develop effective responses and solutions to resolve such problems.
  • Shiftwork is required.

Contact Information

Joseph Foster

Collier County Sheriff's Office
3319 Tamiami Trail E
Naples, Florida 34114
phone: (239) 253-5344

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