Correctional Officer – Coffee Creek Correctional Facility (Wilsonville)

Correctional Officer
Oregon Department of Corrections - Salem, Oregon

Jul 23, 2021

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Application Deadline:
Jan 3, 2022

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$3924 monthly
Top Pay:
$6364 monthly

Job Description

Oregon Department of Corrections Mission To promote public safety by holding offenders accountable for their actions and by reducing the risks of future criminal behavior.

Are you looking for a career that will challenge your personal fitness, intellect, and maturity? What if your work environment could include various task allowing you to gain insight on yourself and others? Becoming a Correctional Officer may be the way to fulfill those goals! The Oregon Department of Corrections’ (DOC) next Basic Corrections Course is starting soon and we want you to be one of our students! As a Correctional Officer, you will set limits, provide good role model examples, and assist in facilitating positive change in the lives of adults in custody (AIC).DOC offers many positions across Oregon – locations include Baker City, Ontario, Wilsonville, North Bend, Madras, Salem, Tillamook, Pendleton, Portland, Lakeview, and Umatilla. If you are interested in additional locations, you will need to apply to announcements that are specific to that facility. Our Basic Corrections Courses (BCC) fill up quickly, so act fast! If a career in corrections interests you, don’t hesitate – schedule your NTN REACT test today and then apply! (Please review the details below.) Once hired, you will begin by attending the BCC. Your training is on-the-job, meaning you will start earning a paycheck during your training! Previous correctional experience is not a requirement; however, preference may be given to those with a four-year college degree. This position is an entry level position. Your first year is considered to be a probationary period including the BCC (six-week academy course), classroom training, online courses, health and fitness classes, force skills training, and a comprehensive Field Training Evaluation Program (FTEP). BCC is certified by the Department of Public Safety and Standards Training (DPSST). For the duration of the probationary period, work hours, shifts, and days off will vary based on the needs of the institution. All Correctional Officer positions are union represented — training, work hours, breaks, days off, etc. will be determined by your institution’s labor contract. Once the probationary period is completed, work shifts and days off may be subject to a bid process in accordance with the applicable labor contract.

Applicants for Correctional Officer must schedule the National testing Network (NTN) REACT (Baseline) test before applying to this announcement. **NTN REACT testing now available via Virtual Testing! Please read all requirements needed to be eligible for the virtual testing. Due to current closures and restrictions related to COVID-19, the NTN REACT test may not be immediately available in your area, however they are offering an alternative – virtual testing. We encourage you to continue to register for virtual testing and apply, our recruitment team will work with you if you have questions. The REACT test will need to be taken and passed prior to your hire date.**

Please read the entire job announcement prior to submitting your application. There are specific instructions for applying and we are here to help you be successful in this process. Don’t miss a step, or unfortunately your application may be rejected before we are even able to consider you for employment. Before you are scheduled for an interview you will be required to complete an electronic statement of personal history. The personal history questionnaire consists of 12 topics. Topics include personal information, relatives, education, residence history, employment history, personal references, law enforcement applications, military, legal, drug use, motor vehicles, and other topics. You will provide information for each topic for the past ten years or since the age of 18.First, schedule the NTN REACT test. This test is an in-person exam and is offered throughout the states. Once on their site, select Corrections Jobs, check the Oregon Department of Corrections as your department of choice, and find the test location closest to you. There is a $41 fee for the exam.

While on the NTN REACT test website, please review the following for a better understanding:

  • All information related to the Oregon Department of Corrections Correctional Officer position, including minimum requirements, salary, and benefits.
  • Detailed information about the testing process for the entry level test.
  • Opportunity to purchase and take online practice tests.
  • Schedule a convenient test time.
  • DO NOT apply for a Correctional Officer position on the NTN site, these applications do not come to us. Apply via our announcement.
  • DO NOT schedule an ORPAT, we administer the CORPAT during the BCC.
  • Upon completion of the NTN exam, all scores are automatically forwarded to DOC. You must have a passing score of 70 percent in all areas of the exam in order to move to the next step of the application review process.

Nature of the Work

As a Correctional Officer, you will work in a team setting to maintain order within the institutions, enforcing rules and regulations while providing care to ensure safety and security. You will help adults in custody be orderly and obey agency guidelines and standards while monitoring their activities and supervising their work assignments. Cell checks and searches of adults in custody and their living quarters for contraband, settling disputes, and enforcing discipline are often required. Observing, inspecting, and reporting of safety, sanitary, and fire hazard are routine.

Additional Information


DOC employee benefits include medical, dental, vision, and basic employee life coverage through the Public Employees' Benefit Board (PEBB) and retirement benefits through the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS). Paid vacation leave and sick leave are accrued monthly and wage increases are awarded in accordance with the applicable labor contract.

Minimum, Special Qualifications, and Required & Requested Skills:

Minimum Qualifications

  • Possess a high school diploma or GED
  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • United States citizen
  • Meet DPSST Physical Standards
  • Possess reading comprehension, report writing, and retention abilities
  • Satisfactorily complete an ODOC background investigation OAR 259-008-0015

Special Qualifications

  • Must pass NTN test with a minimum score of 70 percent in all areas
  • Good employee work history
  • Have a history of law abiding behavior OAR 259-008-0070
  • No evidence of substance abuse
  • Proficient using computers

Required and Requested Skills

  • The National Testing Network also provides dimensional ratings on applicants. We review for the following:
  • Good ratings

o Working as a team member

o Ability to effectively take control of situations

o Cooperative in supporting management’s goals

o Making choices reflecting good integrity

o Ability to support and communicate with other staff

  • Acceptable ratings

o Use of grammar and understanding of written content.

  • Low risk ratings

o Of being unprofessionally involved with offenders

o Conducting yourself in abrasive style and miss use of authority

o Experience in a public safety occupation

The Selection Process:

Step 1 Pass the Correctional Officer NTN REACT test with a score of 70 percent or higher in all areas. NTN test scores are valid for one year with DOC.

Step 2 Submit your Workday online application. This is the only acceptable application for the department.

Step 3 DOC will review and process your application.A criminal history check will be completed from information gathered though various sources including, but not limited to: Law Enforcement Data System (LEDS), National Crime Information Center (NCIC), Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), or other regional and national computer databases.

Step 4 Before you are scheduled for an interview you will be required to complete an electronic Statement of Personal History (eSOPH.) You will receive an email giving specific instructions on how to complete this step and you will have 14 days to complete it. The personal history questionnaire consists of 12 topics.

You will provide information for each topic for the past ten years or since the age of 18. Topics include:

  • Personal Information
  • Relatives
  • Education
  • Residence History
  • Employment History
  • Personal References
  • Law Enforcement Applications
  • Military
  • Legal
  • Drug Use
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Other Topics

You will not move forward to the interview until you successfully complete eSOPH and it passes review by one of our background investigators. eSOPH requires you to submit names, phone numbers, and email addresses of personal and professional references. If you are unable or unwilling to provide this information you should not continue with this application. If you do want to proceed you are accepting the responsibility of gathering and providing the required information for eSOPH.DOC will also request your fingerprints.

Step 5 As vacancies occur, you will be contacted for a Preliminary Assessment Interview. You may login to Workday to check the status of your application at any time.

Step 6 If you are selected for further review DOC will contact you to complete the background investigation from the information you provided in the eSOPH documents.

Step 7 The institution may connect with you for a meet and greet.

Step 8 If selected, there will be a conditional offer and you will be required to pass a medical exam in accordance with DPSST’s physical requirements.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: High School diploma or GED
  • Experience: non required

Contact Information

Kelli Ketchum

Oregon Department of Corrections
2575 Center St NE
Salem, Oregon 97301
phone: 503-269-4867

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