Marketing Case Studies

Corrections1's network of sites gives sponsors the ability to reach specific segments of the corrections service with targeted messages about products and services. See how we've solved problems and addressed business challenges for industry-leading companies.

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Marketing Case Studies

  • TASER & Police1’s Decade-long Integrated Marketing Success

    TASER & Police1’s Decade-long Integrated Marketing Success

    TASER International, Inc. has been a Police1 client since 2002. Intiallially, the campaign focused on driving the adoption of TASER ECDs in the law enforcement market. Read how the program has evolved over the years and is still the primary online marketing engine for TASER to bring new products to market and facilitate industry-wide endorsement.

  • Kronos Reaches Niche Market Segment with Corrections1

    Kronos Reaches Niche Market Segment with Corrections1

    Kronos wanted to reach a large segment of the Corrections community to learn more about the workforce management issues they commonly face and where efficiencies could be implemented at their facilities. Corrections1 was chosen to execute a digital marketing strategy to educate potential customers and facilitate product awareness.

  • Market-leading Companies Go to Praetorian Group for Lead Generation

    Market-leading Companies Go to Praetorian Group for Lead Generation

    Companies marketing to the technology and communications segments of public safety are faced with the challenge of being able to efficiently deliver a compelling business case for their product to a very narrow group that represents less than 5 percent of the market. Read how Cisco and Motorola chose Praetorian Group to overcome this challenge.

Client Testimonials

  • Motorola


    Praetorian Group has been an outstanding partner to work with in supporting our campaign efforts. They are open to our suggestions and find ways to help us meet our goals.

  • Cortac


    The Praetorian Group worked with us to develop and launch a tailored advertising campaign based upon our primary goal of establishing our brand in the law enforcement and corrections space. The multi-faceted campaign immediately created results in increasing our website traffic and end-user reach.

    Website traffic referrals from Police1 and Corrections1 make up over 80% of our total website traffic and our unique visits and page views have increased by over 1000% since campaign launch. In addition, having our company and products alongside other industry-leading manufacturers is essential in gaining consumer trust and credibility.

  • Telrepco


    The quality and focus of Praetorian, it’s caring personnel and it’s best in class presentation to our client base are some of the main reasons we are with Praetorian. People make the difference and our relationship with the marketing team makes us look good. Can’t ask for more than that.

  • Peerless Handcuff Company

    Peerless Handcuff Company

    As expected, proved to be an excellent resource to help broadcast our bulletin. We feel exposure has given has been critical in assisting us in our effort to achieve our goal. I would not hesitate recommending other companies to contact if they are in the same situation.

  • TASER International, Inc.

    TASER International, Inc.

    Since 2002, Police1 has proven itself as a valuable partner for effective and consistent communication to their more than 506,000 verified law enforcement members who represent the law enforcement community in thousands of departments worldwide. More importantly, Police1 has been exceptional in adapting and tailoring to the unique communication and marketing needs of TASER International.

  • Dummies Unlimited, Inc.

    Dummies Unlimited, Inc.

    As a company of 53 years, we have been involved with numerous Public Safety advertising mediums. We have been involved with Police1 since they started their road trip back in 2001. P1 has been pivotal in expanding our internet advertising exposure. P1 is not a place where you send money for advertising and hope to get quality leads. P1 actually puts your advertising dollars to work for you. Their helpful staff has gone the extra mile to be sure we are successful with each and every advertising campaign. We will be expanding our internet advertising with P1 in the near future and we would not even consider this if P1 didn’t meet and exceed our expectations!

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