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If anything is true of the field of Emergency Management, it's that it is dynamic. The needs of those getting prepared, responding to disasters, planning for hazards and contingencies, and managing a crisis are always evolving, as are the tools available to them--and the knowledge they need to get it all done.

The Mid-Atlantic Center for Emergency Management (MACEM) at FCC works to offer its students an education of excellence that is just as adaptable, flexible, and multifaceted as the field itself. With partnerships and experience ranging from nationwide FEMA trainings to K-12 education, and instructors bringing decades of experience in the field and the classroom to bear, the MACEM is a place built to equip all comers with the knowledge and skills they need for their next step - in a career, in a planning process, or in a degree. We'd like you to join us.

MACEM at FCC currently offers the following programs of study:

Associate's Degree of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Emergency Management

- Track I: FEMA Independent Study

Combining the FEMA Independent Study curriculum with our own instructor expertise, this pathway to the A.A.S. utilizes selected Independent Study courses and our own digital classrooms to build the foundation of a totally online degree, perfect for the working professional or those at a distance.

- Track II: Residency Pathway
A traditional degree program that is anything but traditional, Track II uses a mix of courses, both online and on-campus here in Frederick, to offer regional students a flexible, hybrid degree. With deeper dives into the theory, research, and career applications of the discipline, Track II can suit those aiming for transfer to a 4-year program just as well as those aiming for a promotion, and all those in between.

Emergency Management Certificate

Provides a broad education in Emergency Management utilizing the online format of Track I, but with less time and cost commitment. Especially useful for those who already have a degree, but want to make emergency management a new specialty.

Letters of Recognition

- Emergency Management Professional Development

Built around the FEMA IS Professional Development Series, this program uses Track I online coursework and credit for FEMA IS courses to offer formal recognition for this industry-standard training sequence, and a first foray into academic emergency management. Like what you find? The Professional Development LoR sets you up to transition seamlessly into both the Certificate and Track I A.A.S. programs.

- Emergency Management Specialized Studies
Fully online opportunities to pursue specific, focused study on a particular element of the emergency management discipline, and earn a credential for doing so. Available topics rotate, but include specializations like animal disaster concerns, emergency planning for schools, and critical infrastructure protection.

- GIS-Public Safety
Combining online elements from across our program offerings with the latest industry knowledge, this program is designed to get you hands-on practice with the GIS tools you'll need in the workplace, and give a broad perspective on how that technology will shape the future of emergency management and industries beyond.

Bring Work and Learning Together

A truly adaptable education doesn't skimp on its demands for quality and growth in its students. But it also recognizes that plenty of them have done plenty of learning already - in other classrooms, other formats, and on the job.

MACEM programs are proud to be Prior Learning Assessment eligible: your existing work experience, certifications, trainings completed, and other knowledge matter, and we'll be glad to work with you to find the best means of applying it toward whatever academic program you choose. And through a unique partnership with FEMA and Jacobs Technology, we're also able to provide the nationwide opportunity to convert completed Independent Study coursework directly into college credit, and use it to advance your academic and career goals.

Be Prepared for What's Next

No matter where your next step might take you - to a new job, a new field, a new rank, or a new degree - MACEM at FCC is ready to help you make it happen. We offer courses in Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters, and FEMA IS credit conversion is available year-round. Get in touch, and let us help you get ready to get there.

MACEM and FCC are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

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