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This edition of CorrectionOne’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Briefing features critical reads and resources:
  • 6 critical questions about COVID-19 testing
  • Understanding antibody tests and immunity
  • The importance of a playbook for psychological health
  • How COVID-19 is impacting PREA audits
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6 key questions about COVID-19 testing
By Janelle Foskett
FDNY chief medical director Dr. David Prezant clarifies the difference between the two test types and what results mean for immunity
COVID-19 testing for first responders: Understanding antibody tests and immunity
By Sara Jahnke, Ph.D.
Not all COVID-19 antibody tests are created equal – an important point to consider when determining who is best serving on the front lines
A playbook for psychological health during the COVID-19 pandemic
By Dean Aufderheide, PhD
Engage in these simple practices to manage the stress of uncertainty
PREA compliance during the COVID-19 pandemic
By Christopher J. Munley
What happens to PREA timetables when agencies are preoccupied with preventing coronavirus spread?
Free COVID-19 Policies, Courses and Training Tools for Individuals and Agencies.
Online Learning: COVID-19 for Correctional Officers
This on-demand course examines how COVID-19 spreads through correctional facilities and how corrections officers can stay safe while maintaining security and control of their facilities
Work-Related Injury and Illness Reporting
Downloadable PDF: The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance on reporting of work-related conditions such as a physical injury or an occupational illness
Webinar: First Responders, Stress Management and COVID-19
This on-demand webinar explains how stress affects first responders and provides strategies you can use to manage during the long haul of this pandemic
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