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Spot Tests for Screening Drugs in Mail
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SwabTek is a US-based manufacturer that produces the world's only dry reagent, presumptive detection tests for narcotics and explosives. SwabTek’s technology replaces hazardous liquid chemicals and complicated procedures with simple and safe, dry reagent technology. Users can confidently deploy SwabTek’s tests for equivalent chemical analysis without putting themselves in harm’s way.

This technological advancement has helped make SwabTek’s tests a market leader in presumptive testing, with tests actively deployed by thousands of law enforcement departments, corrections facilities, and airports around the world.

SwabTek’s tests are available to screen for many different classes of narcotics, including specific tests for fentanyl, amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, and cannabis. Additionally, SwabTek offers a single General Narcotics Test Kit, designed specifically for use in corrections. The comprehensive test will screen for fentanyl, amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, and synthetic cannabinoids such as K2 and Spice.

Like all of SwabTek tests, the General Narcotics Test Kit can be used to test any sample or surface, including pills, powders, liquids, creams, and paper products like mail.

Join the multiple State Departments of Corrections, private corrections institutions, and large jails actively using SwabTek to detect contraband and threats in their facilities, and during mail processing.

To provide an opportunity to trial this new technology, SwabTek is offering free samples of the General Narcotics Test Kit, and other drug detection tests, to corrections institutions for a limited time. Interested parties may fill out the contact form at the link below to submit a request for samples. A member of our team will reach out to follow up on your request.

Request Free Samples!

To learn more about SwabTek’s General Narcotics Test Kit, and how it is being deployed to support security and mail processing in corrections facilities, click to read SwabTek’s full announcement of the product from July, 2021. To see SwabTek’s General Narcotics Test Kit in action screening mail, check out the product demonstration video linked below.

For additional information on SwabTek’s General Narcotics Test Kits, or any other test kit, contact a member of SwabTek’s team at sales@swabtek.com.

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