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Dear Leader,

In a recent Corrections1 poll, 78% of respondents said they believe the biggest challenge for corrections in 2020 will be officer recruitment and retention.

In this month's C1 Leaders eNewsletter, we explore some of the ways correctional facilities can improve recruitment, from creating compelling recruitment videos to understanding what job satisfaction means to line staff.

What is the biggest obstacle your agency faces in recruiting the next generation of officers? Email editor@correctionsone.com.

The Corrections1 Team
15 tips for improving correctional officer recruitment in 2020
By Sgt. Matt Cobb
Recruiting best practices correctional leaders should implement this year
Why we need to change corrections at its very C.O.R.E. to improve recruitment and retention
By Sgt. David A. Cardinal
Correctional staff are greatly under-utilized with performance expectations diminished to an abhorrently low level
5 correctional recruitment videos that work (and why your agency should make one)
By Corrections1 Staff
A well-produced and thoughtful video can become an important multipurpose tool for every agency
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Do correctional leaders understand what job satisfaction means to line staff?
By Gordon Graham
Lexipol co-founder Gordan Graham shares why leaders must understand how line staff perceive job satisfaction in order to improve correctional officer recruitment and retention
12 recruitment ideas every agency should consider
By Greg Friese
Oregon agency leaders, chiefs shared their public safety recruiting successes, innovations and resources at IACP
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