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Dear Leader,

Finding candidates to fill vacant correctional officer positions is a challenge for jail and prison administrators nationwide. Couple that with high employee turnover rates and you have a recruitment and retention crisis that threatens both officer and inmate safety.

Could training be the key to solving this dilemma? In this month's C1 Leaders eNewsletter we explore an employee training program that addresses what new hires fear the most in corrections: the unknown. We also list the essential training agencies should be delivering to both rookie and veteran officers.

What was your onboarding process like when you started in corrections? Email editor@correctionsone.com.

The Corrections1 Team
Overcoming a new employee’s fear of the unknown
By Marc Fioravanti
Environmental awareness training is key to decreasing employee turnover and increasing retention in corrections
5 essential training topics for correctional officers
By Lexipol Team
The challenge in corrections is not identifying topics to train on, but prioritizing time and resources to cover the many subjects that can lead to high-risk situations
How One Facility and Vendor are Working Together to Develop Safer Cleaning Products
Briarwood Products worked with the Ohio State Penitentiary to provide shank-free cleaning tools to boost safety.
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[Video] 5AI – Newest Generation of Automatic Assisted Detection
ADANI's Automatic Assisted Detection and color highlighting of concealed contraband automatically separates and color codes organic and inorganic material for ease of recognition of metallic items hidden in or on the body.
Watch the video to see live
Are you ready for your next PREA audit?
By Gordon Graham
Anyone in a correctional facility who has access to inmates should receive PREA training on how to detect and prevent inmate sexual abuse and harassment
5 PREA audit trouble spots
By Tim Evinger
Facilities should consider using official PREA standards for compliance as a guideline for best practice to mitigate risk, regardless of their certification status
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