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Dear Leader,

The challenges correctional leaders have faced this year have been immense. From handling the emotional pain of losing so many correctional officers to COVID-related deaths to the operational issues of inmate testing, social distancing and early release, every day has presented new hurdles to overcome.

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How tech can take the risk out of inmate calls
By James Careless 
A powerful digital tool detects illegal three-way calls, and automatically sends email alerts to authorities when they occur
Stopping criminal activity in prisons with digital intelligence technology
By Alon Klomek 
Extraction and analytics technologies are helping corrections facilities access contraband cellphone data to stop crimes inside and outside prison walls
Considerations before implementing drone detection technology
By Linda Ziemba 
Maintaining security and safety is more than installing a product and collecting data
Fight COVID-19 in Your Facility with D7 Disinfectant
Decon7 Systems’ D7 disinfectant has been scientifically proven effective in rendering the COVID-19 virus inactive and has also received the official designation from the EPA. D7 is a safe and effective option for correctional facilities and jails.
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In the Market for Body-Worn Cameras?
Download this Corrections1 body-worn cameras buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation.
Download the free guide
How technology helped Oregon sheriffs save lives during COVID-19
By Christina Cook and Jason Myers 
A SaaS-based software system enabled critical information sharing between the 36 member organizations of the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association
Who CARES? Crafting a response to COVID-19 in corrections
By Tim Stephens and Keith Neely 
Unspent CARES Act dollars represent a once-in-a-generation opportunity to address a persistent gap in corrections capacity: onsite medical facilities
COVID-19: A generational leadership crisis
By Greg Friese, MS, NRP 
The deaths of fire, law enforcement, corrections and EMS leaders and personnel will have a decades-long impact on department operations, safety and capability
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