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Dear Leader, 

While maintaining adequate staffing has been a challenge in corrections for years, there's no denying that what many of our agencies are experiencing now is particularly concerning. That's why today's newsletter is dedicated to helping correctional leaders stem the tide. From creative utilization of staffing rosters to finding new ways to engage and support staff, leaders do have the tools to keep their facilities running safely; it just sometimes takes thinking outside the box to get there. 

Stay safe, 

— The Corrections1 Team 

Fallout: The stress of 'working short' in corrections
By Gary Cornelius  
We may not be able to resolve all the root causes of staff shortages in corrections, but there are steps that can help alleviate the problem
Can you defend your facility staffing in court?
By David Parker 
How long has it been since someone has taken a good look at the way you are utilizing your staff?
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Help wanted: Servant leaders needed in correctional services
By Paul Valentino 
As leaders, when we find ways to engage and support our staff, there isn't much we can't overcome
Are you shutting down a problem-solving leader?
By Zohar Zaied 
Corrections supervisors can support innovation and job satisfaction by being open to ideas from staff
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