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Dear Leader,

Technology has impacted every facet of modern-day life, shaping the delivery of education and training, completely changing how we communicate with each other, and advancing surveillance and security.  

In today's Leadership Newsletter, we look at how correctional facilities can harness the evolving power of connected technology and digital intelligence gathering to increase officer safety, while decreasing criminal activity within facilities. We also look at the growing threat cyberattacks pose to public safety.  

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Stay safe,  

The Corrections1 Team 

The future has arrived for correctional officer communications
By Scott Neal 
Bringing the “connected officer” concept to life requires strategic thinking and thoughtful planning
How digital intelligence tools can stop crime from the inside out
By Maurice Cook 
Corrections officers need a mix of technology, trained personnel and data sharing to dismantle criminal networks and activities within their facilities
Key principles of security threat group intelligence operations in jails
By Christopher J. Munley 
When analyzed in abstract terms, the intelligence process sounds vague, complicated and difficult to execute; this need not be the case
Security Police Officers Can Rely On
Garrett’s THD® is the most rugged, compact metal detector on the market. It features a 360° detection area and a silent vibrating alarm indicator—making it perfect for law enforcement operations or for screening use in schools, bars, clubs or corporate security.
Garrett THD® Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector
Stun-Cuff Wireless Prisoner Control
The Stun-Cuff is designed to attach directly to a prisoner's leg or wrist and be fired remotely, delivering a five second burst of fifty thousand volts.
Watch the video
4-step road map to maximize your cybersecurity ROI
By Rick Simonds 
Focus your cybersecurity investment on initiatives that create more effort for the attacker
Cyberattackers are coming for public safety; prepare now
By Greg Friese, MS, NRP 
Organizations and citizens have a “shared responsibility” to defend their data, computer hardware and software systems from ransomware attacks
On-Demand Webinar: The growing threat of ransomware attacks on public safety agencies
By Corrections1 Staff 
Preventing ransomware attacks is possible; our expert panelists offer several best practices your agency can follow to help reduce risk and mitigate potential issues
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