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Dear Leader,

As correctional facilities nationwide battle the challenges of COVID-19, some jails and prisons have also been forced to evacuate inmates during the pandemic. A Louisiana jail was evacuated ahead of Tropical Storm Sally in early September, while three prisons in Salem, Oregon, were evacuated due to wildfires.

Inmate evacuations during a worldwide pandemic would test even the most robust emergency preparedness plan. In this month’s leadership newsletter, we outline the steps needed to effectively plan for both manmade and natural disasters. Does your facility have a continuity of operations plan? Click here to answer our poll.

Stay safe.

The Corrections1 Team
Why every correctional facility needs a COOP plan
By Richard Gaston and Jim Pingel 
Continuity of operations and disaster recovery planning were challenging enough for jails and prisons – and then COVID-19 happened
How to make emergency preparedness a priority
By Gordon Graham 
Steps correctional facilities can take to ensure staff are prepared for when the next emergency hits
How to prepare for emergencies in your correctional facility ahead of time
By Mandy Johnson 
The mass evacuations of several Texas prisons after catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Harvey is a reminder of the necessity of emergency planning
Fight Coronavirus in Your Facility With D7 Disinfectant
Decon7 Systems’ D7 disinfectant has been scientifically proven effective in rendering the COVID-19 virus inactive and has also received the official designation from the EPA. D7 is a safe and effective option for correctional facilities and jails.
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How to Buy Less Lethal Products (eBook)
This Corrections1 guide to buying less lethal products provides an overview of the many options available to you so you can arrive at purchase decisions for the type of munitions and delivery platforms that will serve you best.
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6 ways leaders can get input from line staff (and why it matters)
By Wendy Leach 
There are simple ways leaders can make line staff feel included in a correctional facility's mission, activities and success
6 core competencies for correctional supervisors
By Gary Cornelius  
The development of competent jail supervisors motivates staff, enhances operations and is good for the future of the agency
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