June 27, 2019 | View as webpage
Dear Corrections1 Leaders,

The provision of inmate healthcare, continuity of operations during a disaster, and recruitment and retention of correctional officers are three of the biggest challenges facing correctional facility leaders.

In today’s newsletter, we outline correctional healthcare trends that are improving the health of inmates without stretching budgets, detail how aid agreements assist emergency preparedness for prisons and jails, and offer strategies for conducting exit interviews that may help you retain personnel in the future.

The Corrections1 Team
4 trends in correctional healthcare
From healthier food options to mental health screenings, correctional facilities are improving inmate healthcare without busting budgets
How aid agreements assist correctional facilities during a disaster
It is important for institutions to understand the various aid external partners may or may not be able to provide
How to conduct effective exit interviews (and why they matter)
Conducting exit interviews to find out why people quit is key to addressing the issues that cause good employees to leave
Opinion: If you want insurance for your recruitment efforts, don’t forget about retention
By Michigan Corrections Organization
Even the most robust recruitment program won’t solve correctional facility staffing challenges if there’s no plan to retain personnel
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