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Things we do a lot, we tend to do very well, says risk management expert and Lexipol co-founder Gordon Graham, but even high-frequency events can go wrong. “I don’t care how many times you’ve done a high-risk task, recognize this: the level of risk never changes," notes Graham.

This month's C1 Leaders eNewsletter highlights some key risk management considerations in corrections:
  • Technology: Video can help resolve allegations of abuse, but can create retention and compliance challenges
  • Personnel: Unreported close calls are missed opportunities for improving safety and reducing liability
  • Healthcare: Funding and staffing have not kept pace with the number of incarcerated inmates, leading to poor medical care and lawsuits
As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, we highlight mistakes administrators might make when broaching the subject of correctional staff wellness and share how the Washington County (Minnesota) Sheriff’s Office has spearheaded a mental health initiative.

Finally, as correctional facilities continue to be on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic, bookmark Lexipol’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Learning & Policy Center to access free policies, courses and training tools for both individual officers and agencies.

Stay safe.

Nancy Perry
Editor-in-Chief, Corrections1.com

Managing risk associated with video in today’s jails
By Mark Chamberlain
While video is key in enhancing facility security, it also carries risks that must be addressed to reduce liability for the agency and its officers
Why every corrections officer should be a risk manager
By Zohar Zaied
Reporting and dissecting close calls will improve safety while decreasing liability
Why correctional medicine is often driven by lawsuits
By Jeff Keller
Funding and staffing for medical care have not kept pace with inmate numbers or the aging inmate population
6 mistakes correctional agencies can make when addressing staff wellness
By Caterina Spinaris, PhD, LPC
Ignoring the subject of staff wellness is like ignoring a serious bleed
How to implement a mental wellness program in corrections
By Sheriff Dan Starry and Sgt. Tim Harris
Emotional trauma can catch up to correctional officers, which can lead to problems at home and other self-destructive behaviors
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