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Dear Leader,

As COVID-19 continues to impact corrections, causing officers higher levels of work-related stress than ever before, providing effective peer support is essential. However, nearly 50% of readers who responded to a Corrections1 poll last year reported that their agency does not have a peer support program. This month's C1 Leaders eNewsletter outlines some key steps to help correctional facilities create a peer support program and deliver effective psychological support to personnel. Check out:
  • 6 steps for peer support success
  • 3 therapeutic models to consider
  • 5 essential pillars of a peer support program
For more information on establishing a peer support program, view our on-demand webinar here.

The Corrections1 Team
6 steps to peer support success
By International Public Safety Association 
When implemented effectively, a peer support program can be one of the best resources for first responders to access help
Therapeutic considerations in peer support
By Barry Toone and Ken Wallentine 
Peer support can act as one facet of treatment alongside professional counseling, group therapy or medical treatment
How to build a peer support program in corrections
By James Dudley 
Peer support is an effective means of getting help to officers in need, from other officers who understand their problems
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The Ohio State Penitentiary reached out to Briarwood Products for help in providing tools that comply with its security measures.
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Enhance Safety by Combining Less Lethal Devices and Bodycams
Used together, bodycams and TASERs can promote a safer working environment for COs and a safer living environment for inmates.
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Conducting a grant-writing debriefing for future application success
By Jerry Brant 
Following a grant application submission, hold a formal debrief on the process to consider how your team can improve future efforts
COVID-19 grant funding success requires attention to detail
By Rachel Engel 
Lexipol's Senior Grants Consultants Samantha Dorm and Jerry Brant answer questions about available funds for public safety agencies
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