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Dear Leader,

Both correctional officers and inmates have been heavily impacted by the coronavirus with facilities nationwide reporting hundreds of COVID-19 infections, as well as COVID-related deaths. While social distancing is challenging in correctional facilities, infection control measures such as wearing masks and handwashing still go a long way toward reducing risks.

However, some communities seem to be experiencing “mask fatigue” writes correctional physician Dr. Jeff Keller in this month’s C1 Leaders eNewsletter, compromising safety by increasing the chance of COs bringing COVID into jails. Corrections1 is currently surveying public safety personnel to determine the prevalence of policies related to face masks as a form of PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to complete this brief survey to help us better understand the policies and best practices related to mask usage among correctional officers.

Stay safe.

The Corrections1 Team
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Avon Protection PC50
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