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Dear Corrections Leader,

Successful correctional leaders ask difficult questions to ensure their staff strive for excellence, thus combatting mediocre performance that leads to complacency and potentially deadly assumptions about facility safety and security.

In today’s Leadership eNewsletter we list the eight questions asked by Commander D. Michael Abrashoff that enabled him to turn the near-worst performing ship in the Navy to the best-performing ship in just 20 months, and we outline how to use the “What If” game to reduce complacency in your facility.

The Corrections1 Team
8 courageous questions to lead by
By Val Van Brocklin
Ask them and prepare for astounding results
Use the 'What If' game to reduce complacency
By Russ Hamilton
Complacency results when you make assumptions that are corrosive to the safety and security of your institution
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Understanding the requirements for multiple DEA licenses
By Jeff Keller
Doctors are required to have separate DEA licenses for each jail where they practice if controlled substances are stored or distributed at that jail
He's faking it: How to spot inmates' invented illnesses
By Lorry Schoenly, PhD, RN, CCHP
How do you respond appropriately to keep questionable illness from becoming a career stopper?
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