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An Unbiased Witness in Close Quarters

Equip your officers with body cameras that have a proven calming effect, building transparency and trust between officers and inmates.
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Is There Something Hiding In Your Mail?

VeroVisionâ„¢ Mail Screener can take the guesswork out of mail screening and help stop illicit substances from entering your facility.
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Stun-Cuff Wireless Prisoner Control

The Stun-Cuff is designed to attach directly to a prisoner's leg or wrist and be fired remotely, delivering a five second burst of fifty thousand volts.
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Eliminate Contact With Pass Through Cleaning Tools

Briarwood Products is proud to introduce its suite of cleaning tools that can be easily passed through a cuff/restraint box.

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New Infrared Temperature Screening System

Nuctech’s infrared temperature screening system combines advanced thermal and visible light imaging technologies into a non-contact, temperature measurement solution.
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How to Buy Less Lethal Products (eBook)

This Corrections1 guide to buying less lethal products provides an overview of the many options available to you so you can arrive at purchase decisions that will serve you best.
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