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By Lindsey J. Bertomen
The Snarl is a one-piece sheepsfoot blade with two generously-sized knuckle holes for a handle. The knife designs are ergonomic works of art which give the user a mechanical cutting edge. Effective and reliable
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RockTape can be used to apply compression, promote recovery, as well as decompression to relieve pain and swelling.
Repetitive-motion injuries
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 The Sheriff wants to stem contraband by selling electronic cigarettes out of the prison canteen. All proceeds would go towards a raise for the facility's COs. Good idea?
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 Stun-Cuff Single & Dual Cuff Video
Deputies, Swat Team Members and even a Sheriff taking hits. Lots of profanity. Protect your manhood
 The Best Cut and Slash Resistant Top In The World
Demonstration of the new high performance cut and slash resistant tops. Improve your safety
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Soberlink Breathalyzer
Free Software of $100 Credit with Purchase
Digital Ally, Inc.
FC10 Law Enforcement PBT
Lifeloc Technologies
Lighthawk PC
Armor Express
Gargoyles Eyewear
PepperBall SX Launcher
PepperBall Technologies
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 Game Sportswear: "The Vermont" Parka
"The Vermont" parka will withstand any type of weather - even in Vermont. Available in 8 colors.
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The LE2 is the newest generation of wearable police camera designed specifically for organizations that need to video document their actions. Request info.
Stratus CS Acute Care Diagnostic System

Make a confident diagnosis in minutes. Seven key biomarkers enable better chest pain differentiation. Learn about the clinical significance of all cardiac biomarkers.

 Visit the Stratus CS web page.
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Protect Life, Protect Truth.
LA Police Gear
We make and sell tactical gear.
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