No Games Gear Introduces a New Type of Ballistic Under Garment Gear for Law Enforcement

No Games Gear is proud to announce The B.U.G.G. (Ballistic Under Garment Gear) as a part of its product line. The BUGG offers ballistic protection to a police officer's femoral artery and upper thigh region, a vital area that until now has gone unprotected. The BUGG is basically a pair of athletic, compression shorts that will be worn under the police officer’s uniform. The compression shorts have an open ended pocket that is sewn onto the outside. The BUGG also comes with a pair of ballistic pads. These ballistic pads are simply inserted into the outside pocket.

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About No Games Gear
No Games Gear is a tactical website based company whose mission is to focus on the frontline law enforcement professional. Bill Fearon, the company founder, is a twenty (20) year law enforcement professional who has trained thousands of local, county, state and federal law enforcement personnel. No Games Gear has been created to provide the frontline law enforcement professional tactical options that are both user friendly and effective.


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