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Baker Co. Sheriff’s Office is a Warrior with the Command & Control Platform

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“Inmates are people who just made different decisions. We try to help them make better decisions, or avoid the pitfalls that got them here in the first place,” says Lt. James Messer, Chief of Security. Since Sheriff Scotty Rhoden took office in 2017, the Baker Co. Sheriff’s Office (Macclenny, Florida) has identified tools and technology that save money, and make a positive operational impact in a wide variety of safety and security use cases, from security rounds and cell checks to headcounts. Learn how Baker Co. runs a safer, smarter, and more aware facility with the Command & Control platform. Join the #Warrior community! Visit us online at ******************************************* Check out these helpful links to learn more about the Command & Control Platform: ►How to Deploy GUARDIAN RFID Article: ►5 Tips to Maximize Success with Rounds: ►Subscribe to our blog: ►Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: