Video review: Jail riot response training

A video of a New Mexico tactical team ending an inmate riot in a jail pod demonstrates key points to consider in a training plan

“Count time, count time. Everyone report to your cells for count! The sooner you’re in, the sooner you’re out!” This is something my partner, Detention Deputy McCall, and I used to say to the inmates when it was time for lockdown.

When we move inmates into their cells for a headcount, it can all seem routine. The truth is this can become a very dangerous and deadly situation at any given moment.

Inmates may refuse orders to return to their cells, become verbally belligerent and physically violent. They may begin destroying property or using issued items to assault correctional staff. This is why every day we must come to work mentally prepared for the worst, keep our head on a swivel and never become complacent. 

In this video, we see a tactical team from a Sandoval County, New Mexico, jail ending an inmate riot in a jail pod. The inmates had refused to return to their cells, becoming disorderly, yelling and destroying government property. The tactical team is seen deploying a flashbang grenade into the pod and then moving in and taking control of the inmates. The detention staff did a great job responding to this incident. There were no correctional personnel injuries and everyone went home safe.

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