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I am writing to thank you for the products that you produce. In April of this year while working a surveillance detail I was involved in a motorcycle accident on asphalt. I was wearing a Fobus model GL-2 paddle holster. The holster not only stayed in place but also protected my side from the coarse asphalt. My Glock model 27 also was not damaged. I am over six feet tall and weigh 220 pounds and that was a lot of pressure during my 25 yard slide. The holster still works fine and has only some surface scratches. I am a believer in the retention of the holster. I have fought with criminals and had my leather paddle holster come loose.

In conclusion I am convinced the polymer tough holsters by Fobus are the only combat ready holster that will stand up to above and beyond extremes and I have been in law enforcement for over twenty years.


Jerry G. Neil
Chief Deputy


RE: Fobus Holster Model BR2BH damaged in Train Accident

I am writing to you to inform you of a phenomenal warranty claim that you should be interested in. On Friday, February 15th 2002, I received a call from an un-uniformed officer which had purchased a BR2BH for duty and special carry. The first thing he asked was if the lifetime warranty was as good as it said. I told him that it would be honored, and then asked what was up? (expecting to hear that a rivet had loosened or the like) He stated that he owed his weapons well being to fobus. Apparently he was working an assignment that required concealment of the weapon. He was struck by a slow moving train, dragged for over 400 yards. The only thing between himself and the tracks was his fobus holster. When he was finally clear of the train, the weapon was still in the holster. He immediately checked the weapon and it still functioned. i am enclosing the holster which I have replaced from existing stock for your examination. you will see that other than cosmetics and the lengthwise split, appears to be in relatively good shape. All rivets intact. Most important the officer is for the most part unscathed with the exception of minor bumps and bruises. Phenomenal. myself and the officer thank you.

I have also recently had a bail bondsman thank me for saving his life. At first skeptical of the holster(it wasn’t leather), he hesitantly purchased a C21 Roto Holster for his 1911. He states that 2 months after the purchase he was reclaiming a bail jumper that thought he would turn on the bondsman to take his gun and kill him. The bail jumper was unable to get the firearm from him. The bondsman regained control of him after some time, cleared plastic (as he put it) and the bail jumper was soon staring down the barrel of the bondsman’s 1911. The fight was over. The bondsman states that he has no doubt that he would be dead right now if it were not for his FOBUS holster.

Just two of the many stories of how your product helps save lives and lets good people go home to their families each night or at least these two nights. Thank You.

- Tod Barker



I love your products! I have replaced all of my various leather holsters for my 1911’s with your C21 models and recently a KM3 for my Kimber CDP Compact. I wish I had known about you guys before I spent all that money on leather! For the quality, retention, paddle design and price - you simply can’t be beat. I am going to purchase my first Glcok next week. It’s a toss-up between the G32 .357 Sig or the G30. On your holster chart, I don’t see G32 listed. Will another model, say perhaps the GL2 accept the Glock 32? I would eventually like to have one of both Glock models - and of course a FOBUS holster for each. Funny, I love your holsters so much that I’m almost to the point of saying "If I can’t carry it in a FOBUS, it must not be worth carrying!"

- Al Branch


"I just purchased my first Fobus Holster for Glock "standard" frame models. I must say that I''m quite impressed. I''m a Police Firearms Instructor in New York State and I have the opportunity to test and evaluate many holsters. The design and construction of the Fobus Tactical Elite GL2 is simple and durable offering a sufficient degree of retention. Yet, presentation is quick and smooth - the paddle configuration is just great... I''ll recommend it to everyone I know who takes firearms seriously!! Good Job!"

-City of Ithaca Police Department
FBI Certified Firearms Instructor


"When I first saw your holster line, the inside the pants paddle arrangement, first made famous over thirty years ago by a retired FBI agent named Rogers, still intrigued me, so I ordered one.

When it arrived, I immediately realized how light it was. My pistol with a full magazine is hefty and I really appreciated a solid construction holster that was almost weightless, yet completely shrouded, a plus over a scanty belt slide design.

I felt a decidedly solid sounding "click" when the pistol was seated into it, indicating it was secure from accidental loss should I have to run or undertake some physical activity while it was being worn. In spite of the secutity however, I found the pistol very easy to draw and the slightly forward cant enhanced the weapon''s accessibility.

All in all, after just a few minutes of dry drawing practice, I found your holster to be a reliable, fast and extremely lightweight product that will be my principle concealed carry choice. Considering my occupation as a police officer, I must also carry extra magazines and handcuffs, so the combination of lightweight combined with absolute reliability is an unbeatable combination for my occupation and that of others who are required to carry a firearm discreetly. As time goes by, your holsters will undoubtedly rise to a level of acceptance like no other. Let me know if I can show them or in some fashion assist you in your promotion of these fine items. I am thouroughly sold on mine from a tactical standpoint. Compensation or not, I simply can''t speak highly enough about it. It''s that good."

- Anonymous

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