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SWAT Magazine
By Flint Hansen
December 2001

Israel is surrounded by countries that have, at one time or another, literally attempted to wipe them off the map. Consequently, Israelis take their equipment seriously. Function may follow form, but function is most important. This applies no only to weapons, but other gear as well. One example of this is the Fobus Tactical Elite holsters manufactured in Israel and imported for distribution in the United States by Fobus USA.

Although my personal preference is for leather holsters, I like and have used many holsters made from synthetic materials. A few of my favorites are Kydex offerings made my MD Labs. Kydex holsters, however, are usually made one at a time by and are therefore relatively expensive considering the work that goes into them. Fobus Tactical Elite Holsters are made with a thermo-plastic material and injection molded. The results are holsters that are weapon specific, fit like a glove but are inexpensive.

I recently received several Fobus holsters for test and evaluation and was impressed with both their workmanship and function. Although Fobus also offers belt holsters, all of the holsters and magazine pouches furnished for evaluation were of the paddle type.

I don''t particularly care for paddle holsters. It''s not because they don''t work "as advertised," but rather because they are a little too easy to put on and take off. Human nature being what it is, a handgun that is carried in a paddle holster may end up being in a desk drawer or glove box when it is needed the most. I have seen this happen with others and have been guilty of it myself.

With that said, I really liked these holsters. The first holster I tried was made for a 1911-type pistil. The pistol snapped into the holster with an audible "click." Holding the holstered pistol upside down over my sofa, I shook it vigorously in an attempt to dislodge the pistol from the holster with no luck. The only way to get the pistol out was to snap the wrist on the down stroke. The pistol will stay in place under normal walking, running, jumping or even during a backwards summersault.

I was pleased at how good the holster felt when placed on the belt; part of which may stem from the fact that Fobus Holsters weigh less than two ounces. After my first draw stroke I began to like this holster even more. There was no drag as is there is with some new holsters and it allowed for a very "clean" presentation. In fact, my initial impression was that this holster was so fast that it was almost scary. When I remarked about how fast it was, my dad tried it and, with a grin and something about "rank has its privileges," immediately confiscated it. He has reported back to me that it is comfortable to wear, secure enough for normal CCW carriage and is quite fast. Since I haven''t seen it since, I''ll take his word for it.

Other products evaluated were holster for Glock 17, 19 and 30 pistols, a magazine/flashlight combo that will fit Surefire and Scorpion type tactical lights, and double and single magazine pouches.

Another holster, with I found both unique and function, was what Fobus calls the Roto-Holster™. The back of the holster and the front side of the paddle has numerous sprocket-like teeth that engage each other. By loosening an Allen-head screw the holster can be rotated 360 degrees and then tightened to whatever angle the operator desires. It can, therefore, be worn strong side, cross draw, or in the small of the back. The Roto-Holster™ gives a user numerous options with the purchase of a single holster.

During the evaluation I wondered how the Fobus line would hold up to ambient heat. I placed my Colt Commander in a 1911 holster and put it on the dashboard of my truck, rolled up the windows, and left it for several hours. This was in mid-summer in Arizona, and outside temperature was 105 degrees in the hottest part of the day. The temperature in side the truck was much hotter. When I retrieved my pistol the steel slide was almost too hot to touch with the bare hand, but there was no apparent damage to the holster.

One question frequently asked of me is how to a product will hold up after long use. After three months of using Fobus Holsters on a regular basis, I can report that there is no apparent wear or loosening up of the form fit. I have a friend who has used on every day for several years and it still looks like new.

Overall I found the Fobus line of holsters to be a quality product. Averaging less than thirty bucks retail, they are also an exceptional value.


American Handgunner
By Charles E. Petty
January/February, 2002

Holsters made of molded thermo-plastic material-Kydex is an example-are very much in vogue right now because of their low cost and extremely functional properties. One of the leaders in this field is the Fobus holster from Israel.

With modern molding techniques, it is possible to create a holster with a very precise shape and have it retain that''s shape almost indefinitely. So a designer can pick out a couple of retention points on a gun and make the holster hold the gun much more securely than you''d think. The distinctive thing about the Fobus holster is that the pistol locks in with an audible snap.

This feature makes drawing the gun a great experience. This hard to describe to someone who''s never felt it, but when you draw from a well fitted leather holster the resistance is almost constant until the pistol clears the leather. With the Fobus it takes just a little snap to release the gun and even though it is still inside the holster it is free to move without friction. This makes it fast.

Fobus holsters are available for most popular defensive handguns in either belt or paddle styles. I''m quite fond of their paddle styles. They fit very nicely and you don''t have the feeling that your gun is trying to eat you. And they are very reasonable in price.


Guns & Gear Magazine
By Bryce Towsley
July 2001 Issue

Those electing to carry a handgun have found that concealment holsters that are worth using often cost nearly as much as the gun. Well-crafted lather is expensive.

The "plastic" holsters I have tried in the past lacked most everything that would make them good. So, when I stopped by the Fobus USA booth at the SHOT Show this year I was skeptical to say the least.

Fobus Holsters are made in Israel and are injection molded, high-density polymer. They are available in paddle or belt styles as well as ankle holsters to fit a variety of handguns. The thing I like best is that, unlike many other holster companies, Fobus does not discriminate against us southpaws and most holsters are offered in left-handed models. Fobus also has magazine pouches, both single and double as well as several other product options.

The best thing, though, is the price. Holsters start at a suggested retail of only $19.95, and the most expensive waist-carry holster on the price list is only $27.99 suggested retail.

I have both a belt and a paddle model to fit my Glock Model 22, as well as magazine carriers to match. They are comfortable, thin and hug my body well for concealment. They hold the gun solidly enough that I have used them while kicking some rough country, but are very fast when you need the gun in a hurry.

Fobus Holsters

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