GLOCK, Inc. Announces New .45 Semiautomatic Short Frame Pistol with New Features

Smyrna, GA—When the GLOCK Model 21 was presented to the world with its remarkable accuracy and light recoil, the .45 caliber cartridge was finally given a new platform to operate from where out-of-the-box world class performance would become the norm.  GLOCK today is introducing a newly designed .45 caliber pistol that includes new features to the GLOCK pistol that have been desired for the last couple of years by military, law enforcement and civilian markets.  The new design, aptly named the GLOCK Model 21 SF (Short Frame) engineers a reduced trigger reach in the grip dimension along with an ambidextrous magazine catch.  The pistol also incorporates the GLOCK Standard Rail design or the new Picatinny Rail design allowing for the GLOCK Tactical Light to be used when needed.

Even with the reduction of the trigger reach, the magazine capacity remains at 13 rounds.  This is accomplished by the outside diameter being reduced at the backstrap of the pistol.  Testing with the pistol found that the minimal change in the design makes a world of difference in how the firearm “feels” and reacts when being used.  Reducing the grip diameter has not affected the firearms reliability and accuracy.

Also new to the G21 SF is the introduction of the Ambidextrous Magazine Catch.  Due to demand made by customers, this new feature is being introduced and has been overwhelmingly accepted as a welcomed enhancement to the features of the GLOCK handgun.  The ambidextrous magazine catch cannot be retrofitted to old style frames.  Pistols configured with the ambidextrous magazine catch require a new magazine tube to operate properly.  Shooters will find that the new magazine tube designed for the ambidextrous configured firearm will work in older model pistols, but the older model pistol tube will not work in pistols configured with the ambidextrous magazine catch.

The G21 SF will also be available with the Standard Rail design and a new Picatinny Rail design that will allow the use of all GLOCK Tactical lights (GTL 10, GTL 21, GTL 22, GTL 51 and GTL 52).  This Standard Rail design is the same rail system found on all GLOCK pistols and provides the proven reliability for light and laser attachments.  Introduced for the first time on the G21 SF will be the Picatinny Rail system.  This system is a standardized rail mounting system that is recognized by the US Military and the NATO.  With either system, the G21 SF will continue the tradition of excellent reliability and dependability of GLOCK light products designed for the GLOCK family of pistols.

With so much research and development time spent on designing a pistol that would incorporate the features desired by a new variety of shooters,  the G21 SF fills a niche for those looking for a more secure and comfortable grasp with the added convenience of a magazine catch that can be actuated by either the finger or thumb of the shooting hand.  Further with the option of the GLOCK Rail system or the Picatinny Rail system, customers can now decide which GLOCK is best for themselves. 

TEAM GLOCK Captain and Champion Shooter David Sevigny has had considerable trigger time with the G21 SF.  He said, “I have run the G21 SF through some tough shooting drills prior to its release and GLOCK has designed what was expected – another accurate and reliable firearm that stands up to the rigors of duty that could be summarized as the one to pack for war.”

About Glock, Inc.

Utilizing advanced technological methods, GLOCK has a leading position in the world market as a pistol and accessories designer and manufacturer.  With their commitment to uncompromised quality, GLOCK uses high-tech engineering to provide the international benchmark for safety, reliability and ease of maintenance.  GLOCK’S remarkable knowledge and experience from their applications and processing of steel and polymer are being used to design revolutionary products.  These products meet and exceed the ongoing demands of law enforcement, military and civilian customers for firearms that demonstrate the very best in reliability, durability and safety of use.  Their high-tech engineering and construction create a handgun that can stand up to punishment that even the most unforgiving conditions can generate.

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