Winchester Enhances Ranger T Series Ammunition for Law Enforcement

Winchester Ammunition is taking its best, and making it better for law enforcement officials.
The enhanced Ranger T Series handgun ammunition—for law enforcement only—comes from the same design as the original Supreme Expansion Technology (SXT) bullet, but it’s better.

Like the original SXT bullet, the enhanced T Series has a hollow point nose that expands into a six petal configuration. The patented reverse taper jacket has been strengthened to form a bigger mushroom and the expanded petals also open into a right angle from the shaft of the bullet, resulting in improved terminal effectiveness.

“The engineering behind the enhanced Ranger T Series make it the best law enforcement load we have ever produced,” said Dick Hammett, president of Winchester Ammunition. “We understand the threats that our law enforcement community faces and will continue to provide officers with the highest quality ammunition possible.”  

Key features of the enhanced Ranger T Series bullet:
• Rapid and reliable expansion, controlled by patented jacket design
• Excellent penetration and weight retention through a variety of barriers
• Six re-engineered and strengthened petals for maximum performance
• Great expansion over a wide range of velocities

Enhanced Ranger “T” Series ammunition will be offered in:
Caliber Bullet Weight Muzzle Velocity
45 ACP 230 grain 875 feet per second
40 S & W 180 grain 990 feet per second 9 mm+P 124 grain 1180 feet per second

Additional calibers and grain weights will receive design enhancements on a rolling schedule during 2007. For a free 2007 Winchester Ammunition Law Enforcement catalog on CD, or to learn more about other Winchester® Law Enforcement products, visit

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