Winchester Launches Innovative Ballistics Calculator

The new Winchester® Ammunition Ballistics Calculator is the most innovative program on the market, using cutting-edge technology to offer ballistics information for shooters and hunters.

The Winchester Ballistics Calculator allows users to choose their type of ammunition and compare up to five different Winchester products with easy-to-read, high-tech ballistic charts and graphs. You can customize shooting conditions by entering wind speed and outside temperature, adjust zero marks for sighting in—then print the ballistics for later reference on the range or in the field. The calculator is now live at

“The Winchester Ballistics Calculator is the most interactive program on the market and is available to anyone who visits our site,” said Greg Kosteck, director of marketing for Winchester Ammunition. “The technology used in this program makes understanding ballistics and bullet performance easy; and it’s the ideal resource for shooters and hunters.”

Winchester teamed up with Quilogy, a St. Charles, Missouri-based IT and Marketing consulting company, to develop the state-of-the-art ballistics calculator. The ballistics calculator was built using Microsoft Silverlight, a cutting-edge technology that integrates seamlessly into a Web browser and allows the user to run highly advanced software applications over the Web.

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