AFIX Technologies, Inc. Introduces the AFIX Tracker

AFIX Tracker® was designed for Detectives and Latent Print Examiners to have control of their own AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). The system runs in Windows, on a standard off-the-shelf PC. The current release of Tracker: accepts images scanned from ten-print cards or most live scan devices, exchanges files between agencies in accepted EFTS/NIST formats, plots minutiae automatically, and matches both fingerprints and palms with superior technology. Since its release, seven years ago, hundreds of Sheriff's departments and Police departments, across the U.S. and around the world, report solving countless cases that, in their words, would have gone unsolved without Tracker in their agency.

Now with version 5 of the fingerprint and palmprint identification software, Tracker's applications will extend beyond crime scene investigation. New technology delivers near-immediate-response of fingerprint search results. Add to that, improved integration with leading manufacturers of both stationary and mobile fingerprint readers. Beta sites with Tracker v5 are gathering benchmark data in applications such as: inmate release verification, entry and exit access control, and lights-out two finger I.D.s from handheld fingerprint readers.

AFIX Tracker® was designed and is marketed exclusively by AFIX Technologies, Inc. (formerly The Phoenix Group Inc.).

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