Correction1's 2023 Guide to body-worn cameras

Best practices for procurement, deployment

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Body-worn cameras (BWCs) have become essentially universal in policing. The benefits of a BWC program – improved transparency, accountability, safety and reduced liability – apply in corrections facilities as well.

BWC video can also be an invaluable resource in providing documentation of real-life situations to learn in a controlled training environment.

The lessons learned by police agencies can ease the transition to BWCs for correctional facilities and correctional officers.

To help correctional facilities stay up to date on the procurement process and the evolving applications of bodycam technology, this digital edition highlights what facilities need to know about body-worn cameras in 2023 and beyond.

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  • Why body cameras in corrections?
  • The business of body cameras: 5 keys for procurement
  • 6 lessons learned from 10 years of BWC deployment
  • Grant-funding considerations for BWCs
  • Beyond the BWC: Incorporating digital evidence management systems

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Correction1's 2023 Guide to body-worn cameras

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