SABRE releases new law enforcement 0.68 caliber irritant projectile carbine launcher

CHICAGO - Security Equipment Corporation (SEC) has announced the release of a new SABRE 0.68 Caliber Irritant Projectile Carbine Launcher designed specifically for law enforcement, corrections, and military personnel. The launcher is a semi-automatic fully pneumatic solution that helps maintain order and control in chaotic situations from a safe distance.

High-performance features of the SABRE 0.68 Caliber Irritant Projectile launcher include:

  • Protection at a Distance - Direct impact up to 60Feet (18.3 m) with area saturation up to 175 Feet (53 m)
  • Continuous Fire - the 30 cubic inch /3000psi High Pressure Air (HPA) tank provides up to 300 shots per fill
  • Form Familiarity - Easy to Handle and Deploy
  • Projectile Feed Source: Fully Mechanical Spring-Loaded Feed System Hopper (No batteries)
  • Action: Semi-Automatic
  • Safety: Selector Lever Type – Ambidextrous
  • Ergonomic Offset Collapsible Stock
  • Front Forward Mounted Grip
  • Integrated Sling Mount
The new SABRE 0.68 caliber irritant projectile carbine launcher for Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Military personnel.
The new SABRE 0.68 caliber irritant projectile carbine launcher for Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Military personnel. (Photo via SABRE)

The launcher is available in yellow (SL-R11) or orange (SL-R12) and comes with SABRE's line of 0.68 Caliber Projectiles available separately.

With the release of the SABRE 0.68 Caliber Irritant Projectile Launcher, SEC continues to deliver cutting-edge solutions that enable law enforcement personnel to carry out their duties effectively and safely.

Mike Patterson, Head of SABRE Law Enforcement Sales, said, "Dedicated to serving the needs of the law enforcement and corrections community, we are proud and excited to introduce this tool, which helps give officers increased safety when in need."

In 2022, SEC earned the E3187-19 certification, the highest quality standard globally for duty belt law enforcement aerosol irritant projectors. 

SABRE Security Equipment Corporation is a global leader in personal safety and security. For over four decades, SABRE has provided law enforcement, military, and civilian customers with reliable and effective products, including pepper spray, stun guns, and personal alarms. SABRE is committed to developing innovative solutions that empower individuals and organizations to protect themselves and their communities. The company's products are backed by extensive research and development, testing, and quality control processes. SABRE is headquartered in Missouri and operates globally through a network of distributors and retailers. For more information, visit

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