Video review: Inmate punches officer during jail booking

From jail booking to prison transport, the chance of an inmate attacking an officer is ever-present

Booking is a dangerous place to work. Arrestees coming into booking off the streets are often under the influence of drugs or alcohol and ready to fight anyone in front of them. The chance of weapons or drugs being hidden within body cavities is also a great concern and presents a clear and present danger.

The booking process sets the tone and is a crucial part of ensuring the safety and security of the entire facility. Being prepared and alert is key.

In the video below, a suspect has been arrested for allegedly "attacking four students” outside a Mesa (Arizona) high school. The arrestee then began claiming he "wanted to fight someone.”

Ceasar Meraz was being directed into a holding area when he punched an officer in the face. The video depicts the officer and other officers responding quickly and appropriately.

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