Cellsense Enhances Prison Safety by Detecting Cell Phone Contraband Including Key Fob Phones

Cellsense® the leading cell phone contraband detector for prisons has the solution for the detection of mini key fob phones, which are increasingly being smuggled into prisons.  Inmates use contraband cell phones to conduct illicit activities including intimidating witnesses, organizing crimes and plotting escapes.

“Cell phones are getting smaller and increasingly made with reduced metal content, making detection using conventional metal detectors less certain.  Cellsense detects all cell phones, even mini phones, or phones that are switched off or concealed in a body cavity” according to Pat Smith, spokesperson for Cellsense. 

The prison publication, Corrections1.com reports “Key fob mobile phones a hit inside jails” on  August 21, 2013 due to prisoners’ ease in smuggling the small devices.  But the small size isn’t a problem for Cellsense, according to Smith because Cellsense deploys unique military-developed technology that detects essential components of cell phones regardless of size or concealment.

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Smith says, “The Cellsense solution detects not only phones, but also other contraband, including knives and small blades, keeping correctional facilities ahead in the fight against inmate contraband.”

About Cellsense
Cellsense is the cell phone contraband detector for prison safety.  The full body scanner sets up in less than 30 seconds and scans over 40 inmates per minute in a single walk-by.  Cellsense protects correctional facilities, security personnel and the public around the world from the dangers of smuggled inmate cell phones and weapons. http://www.cellsensegroup.com/

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