Introducing DRUGUARD Drug Detection Software

The necessity of quick and effective detection of drug containers concealed inside the human body pushed ADANI to the new technology that could response to increasing drug smuggling threats.

In the matter of seconds ADANI's intelligent software analyzes the images and outlines the suspicious areas where the drugs are suspected.


  • Drug searching automatization
  • Color outlining
  • Self-learning algorythm
  • Low false alarm rate


  • Concealed narcotics localization
  • Less image analysis time
  • Remote upgrade capability
  • Storage of all images with outlined zones

This software is created for ADANI Conpass Full Body Screening Systems.


  • Security threats
  • Smuggling
  • Thefts


  • Narcotics concealed in body cavities
  • Precious stones and rare metals
  • Electronic devices
  • Explosives (including liquid)
  • Detonators
  • Knives and blades (even ceramic)
  • Weapons

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