TextBehind, Inc. offers mail management software and service at no cost

PHOENIX, Md. — In response to the COVID-19 crisis, inmate mail management company TextBehind is offering mail management software and services to correctional facilities nationwide at no cost. Conditions may apply.

Founded in 2012, Maryland-based TextBehind has many Pennsylvania counties under contract as well as a mail management initiative launched with North Carolina Department of Corrections. More than a dozen other counties in Pennsylvania, Maryland and North Carolina are in the contract review process.

"Today our great nation is faced with an unprecedented and insidious, invisible threat," Zia Rana, TextBehind CEO, said. "TextBehind stands ready to ensure the safety of prison staff and inmates by eliminating the risk of coronavirus being transmitted via mail and packages being delivered to correctional facilities."

TextBehind's compassion-driven, patent-pending system has eliminated contraband (mainly narcotics) from entering prisons by 100%. Facilities utilizing TextBehind have also experienced a reduction in mail room staff, virtual elimination of mail-related inmate grievances and greater mail delivery and distribution efficiency.

"Thanks to TextBehind, not only have we streamlined practically overnight, we have eliminated hard contraband such as drugs, weapons, etc. from non-privileged mail. This has increased the safety of our mailroom staff by reducing potential exposure to hazardous substances and decreased staffing costs for the mailroom," Clair R. Doll, warden at York County (Pa.) Prison, said.

Mailroom staff at Anson (N.C.) Correctional Institution, according to administrative officer Melvin R. Thomasina, like using it. The reasons they stated are as follows:

  • Cuts down on contraband and unknown fear of substances on/in mail
  • Mail does not have to be bedded or copies made which cuts down on time
  • Mail prints in order of the bed locations for the housing units

"Correctional officers, prison administration and staff and incarcerated loved ones can be infected by COVID-19-tainted mail," Rana added. "As with drugs and other prohibited substances entering our prisons, TextBehind will totally eliminate that risk."

For more information on TextBehind’s Mail Management Program, visit the company’s website at www.textbehind.com.

About TextBehind
TextBehind enables families and friends to communicate with incarcerated loved ones conveniently and affordably. Our complete digital experience for the family and friends saves you time, money and hassle. You will receive inmate handwritten reply letters digitally on your smartphone app and email at no extra cost to you.

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