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Improve Your Round Compliance with MCM - Command Cloud

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Mobile Compliance Monitor (MCM) is a new cutting-edge feature of Command Cloud. MCM takes monitoring to the next level by extending its reach to Spartan 3, providing real-time insights into the completion of security rounds.

This intuitive tool offers a color-coded display, making it easy for officers to track when and where checks are due. Green signals sufficient time, yellow warns time is running short, and red indicates lateness, ensuring thorough and timely completion of rounds. But that’s not all—MCM goes beyond the basics! The configurable Max Check Time feature calculates against the last check, considering an inmate’s classification status or housing location. Experience seamless monitoring for inmates on special conditions, such as administrative segregation, with quick access to their name and profile information.

Prioritize tasks effortlessly with MCM’s smart sorting, placing checks with the least time at the top for immediate attention. MCM also allows officers to capture justifications on the spot, ensuring accountability and transparency.