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The Contraband section provides corrections officers with the news, tips, and expert training they need to combat the smuggling of illegal items into facilities.

“The department firmly condemns any staff member, including peace officers, who violate their oath and betray the public’s trust,” CDCR Secretary Jeff Macomber said
The search uncovered narcotics, including cocaine, K2 and marijuana in vacuum-sealed bags, dozens of fentanyl-soaked papers, cigarettes, tobacco and ceramic blades
While wiretapping to detect drone drops, investigators overheard conversations indicating that COs were aiding a Valdosta State Prison inmate in moving drugs and more
During the operation, law enforcement, working with prison authorities, successfully thwarted a murder-for-hire plot targeting an inmate
Inmates can be resourceful, turning everyday items into dangerous weapons, often to gain status or for protection
At the Yakima County jail, K-9 Luka will be used to search housing units, public lobbies and the basement courtrooms for a variety of drugs, including fentanyl and cannabis
A Rikers Island CO who enjoys anime testified to smuggling drugs into the jail hidden in issues of the popular manga “Demon Slayer,” under orders from a gang leader
The items sold to inmates included 173 cell phones, headphones, screen protectors, phone chargers, sim cards and other types of contraband, the indictment said
The suspects used coded communications such as describing a picture of marijuana as “nuggets” and an officer willing to bring in drugs as an “Uber,” prosecutors said
Eight Georgia DOC employees were among those arrested following “Operation Skyhawk,” which uncovered that drones were being used to bring contraband into GDC facilities
“Clark County Jail Services wants to ensure anyone leaving the jail, as well as friends, family and community members, are easily able to procure naloxone to reduce death from opioid overdose,” Jail Services Director David Shook said
The warden was stabbed when Telfair State Prison COs were conducting a shakedown to remove contraband from one dorm, but those in the dorm refused to comply with the lockdown
An initial investigation by the Wisconsin DOC uncovered allegations that prison employees were involved, including information suggesting “financial crimes” may have occurred
Real-world data of high-dose naloxone administration by law enforcement officers found no added benefit to opioid overdose patients
The inmate, who was returning from furlough, was the first person the jail’s body scanner was used on
The suspect was already out on bond from charges of flying drones carrying contraband into another South Carolina prison
“Instead of using his time at the Bureau of Prisons to work on rehabilitation, [the inmate] instead made connections to allow him to continue his distribution activities once he was released,” an attorney said
The suspension comes as the NYC DOC has expanded the use of body scanners in the jails to check staff for possible contraband
RIDUP is a four-month program targeting SUD treatment for inmates, supporting the mental and behavioral needs of participants
The investigation revealed $16,000 in commissary funds and Cash App funds used by inmates “and their associates who were not incarcerated to facilitate the trafficking operation”
After escaping by pepper-spraying a deputy and stealing a cruiser, the recaptured inmate also faces new charges, including attempting to smuggle cigarettes and a lighter into jail
Depositions state the couple received money from inmates via Cash App to bring drugs into the lockup; the wife received the payments and transferred money to her husband
To prevent the smuggling of contraband into the Baldwin County Jail, inmates are only allowed to have the Bible and the Koran
Charges included introduction or attempts to introduce contraband into a correctional facility, unlawfully operating a drone, terroristic acts and felony conspiracy
In:SITE leverages Geogentia’s cutting-edge geospatial data technology to generate detailed, easy-to-understand reports; these reports not only reveal the presence of prohibited devices in a facility but also provide insights into common tactics used for contraband smuggling
California’s program of offering naloxone to all departing prisoners “has and does save lives,” an attorney said. “Without this treatment, the number of overdoses, we believe, would be far larger”
The inmate used contraband cell phones to overseeing a drug dealing operation in 2020 while incarcerated in Atlantic County and Georgia
An inmate headbutted a staff member, and as he was being subdued, “approximately 200 incarcerated people on the yard rushed toward the officers attacking them with fists and rocks,” CDCR said
During a search of the nurse’s vehicle, deputies found additional jail documents, medication originating from the jail, personal journals and notes addressed to inmates