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“This has got to be the most we’ve sworn in at once in at least 10 years,” Jail Commander Nate Uhlorn said
The Hazelton complex is currently down over 80 correctional officers, which creates risk for both COs and inmates, the union president said
“It’s the same things that I’ve been discussing over the past however many years now, it’s the safety, it’s the staffing, and it’s the facility, and the things that are not being done to progress,” Adams County Sheriff Dale Wagner said
What characteristics differentiate an officer with a military background versus their non-military counterpart?
Two new videos explain the process and share testimonials from former inmates
Instead of the test for Erie County facilities, individuals can complete an online “training and experience” application that awards points for different levels of educational attainment and work experience
Despite a substantial funding hike, enduring staffing challenges persistent in the state’s juvenile justice system
The Santa Fe County Jail also saw “immediate results” from ramped-up recruitment efforts that included flyers and weekly rapid hire events this summer
By lowering the age requirement to age 18 for COs, the J. Reuben Long Detention Center has under 20 openings; last year, the jail was facing 50 open positions.
Two Delaware Department of Corrections and Parole Officers visited the students to explain training requirements and career opportunities
The California state prison system aims to increase the female workforce from 17% to 30% by expanding recruitment efforts
Unraveling the impact and proposing solutions for a healthier workplace culture
Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center wants to add 26 detention officers and increase pay to combat overtime expenses and reduce officer burnout
State DoC commissioner tells lawmakers having enough COs is the key to stopping violence and managing rehabilitation programs
The plan includes $5K retention and signing bonuses for personnel in the jail that has 14 of its 36 positions vacant