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An inmate attacked a corrections officer at a housing unit security post; when another CO intervened, a second inmate attacked them, according to the Minnesota DOC
Sen. Cory Booker spoke during a hearing aimed at looking at ways to rethink prison labor, suggesting voluntary jobs, higher wages and better protection against injuries
Since 1850, the U.S. Census Bureau has counted inmates as prison residents, but states can choose to count them in their home counties or exclude them during redistricting
The Laramie County Sheriff’s Office program allows inmates to get outside of the jail facilities, while also giving back to the community
Through a $1.5 million grant, incarcerated students at MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institute can take classes, such as philosophy, criminal justice, mathematics and more
The inmate, who was not identified, used a homemade, 7-inch long weapon to stab the New Jersey State Prison CO in the right shoulder and twice in the area of his neck
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Best practices for procurement, deployment
There’s no denying that working in corrections takes a toll on officer health; this 30-day challenge can help you get your life back
Even if you can’t travel out of town for a vacation, you can still make the most of your time off; here are some tips to help responders enjoy a staycation right at home
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The Corrections1 Crisis Communications product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching Crisis Communications products and solutions. Crisis Communication products are used in hostage, barricade and standoff situations to assist negotiators.
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This unique cardiac and metabolic screening program, specifically designed for the heart health of first responders, is now available to individuals
Correctional facilities have to be tough, durable and secure. This doesn’t happen by accident.
Maximizing the power of response vehicles
Panelists review the training required for officers to manage custody transitions, as well as highlight strategies to improve safety during this process
Products designed to detect contraband in correctional facilities
Be ready for today and prepare for tomorrow
Best practices for a successful grant application
Detecting and identifying drugs entering correctional facilities
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Preventing ransomware attacks is possible; our expert panelists offer several best practices your agency can follow to help reduce risk and mitigate potential issues