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The changes are modeled after prison operations in Norway, where incarceration is considered less a tool for punishment than an opportunity for rehabilitation
Idaho DOC officers were preparing to transport the inmate from a Boise hospital back to prison when the inmate’s accomplice outside the hospital began shooting
Staff Misconduct
The CO was working at Essex County Correctional Facility when he was charged in March of last year after getting caught in a sting operation
New York DOCCS determined it could safely close Great Meadow and Sullivan correctional facilities as both prisons are operating with incarcerated populations below capacity
The FBI closed the case in 1979 and today maintains that “the odds were clearly against these men,” but a new book claims the escapees supposedly flew to South America
After Steven Craig Johnson escaped Mill Creek Correctional Facility in 1994, Oregon DOC called him a pedophile who presented “a high probability of victimizing pre-teen boys”
Three current and former Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies conspired with an inmate to bring hollowed-out pens filled with Suboxone strips into the jail, officials said
Ruben Gutierrez was sent to death row after being convicted of capital murder for the 1998 killing of 85-year-old Escolastica Harrison
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While California State Prison, Solano, was without power, CDCR said the prison was operating on emergency generator power and security was never compromised
John Lilley Correctional Center Cpl. Robert Sumner was driving a transport van when it collided with another vehicle; that vehicle was driven by a CO who was on his way to work
USP Canaan is staffed at 95% while Allenwood’s staffing level is at 71% which impacts the safety of its COs and requires many to work double shifts, the union said
The Wayne County jail has agreed to implement processes for identifying people with disabilities when they arrive and programs to ensure access to treatment
The Missouri DOC is launching a $1 million special investigations unit designed to further staunch the flow of illegal material to inmates
Two COs at the Pima County Adult Detention Center were taken to the hospital for medical assessments, and others were treated by on-scene paramedics
The inmate escaped from Jasper County deputies outside a courthouse and fled to Georgia, where family members convinced him to turn himself in
The scanners will be used for checkpoint security screening at correctional facilities across Texas
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