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The bill would overturn a DOC practice of recording and retaining phone calls for extended periods to assist in investigations of jail misconduct or public safety threats
A jury convicted Former President Donald Trump of falsifying business records at his own company; the charge carries up to four years in prison
The lawsuit alleges the CO failed to shut the inmate’s cell door, allowing two or three other prisoners to follow him inside and assault him
Lt. Joel Garcia was fired, then reinstated and placed on administrative leave in connection to a Tarrant County Jail inmate’s death
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The standards set baselines for several jail conditions, including prenatal care for pregnant women, the use of force on inmates and the basic rights of those in the jails
A review of the inmate’s phone conversations and mail revealed that he had ordered the failed hit, which targeted his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend
Waupun Correctional Institution’s warden is charged with misconduct in public office; the other eight staff members, including COs, face charges of felony inmate abuse
The most dramatic reform would take juvenile detention out of the control of the Probation Department and instead place it under Youth Development’s oversight
The Autauga County sheriff didn’t specify the issues at the jail, but he mentioned having “a moral obligation for the safety, health, and security of all individuals”
The man exited the car and started pouring oil in the lobby, attempting to ignite it, before Martin County deputies subdued him with a TASER
NYC’s mayor said he vetoed the ban because the DOC “would no longer be able to protect people in custody, or the union workers charged with their safety, from violent individuals”
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Under Director Michael Myers’ leadership, the Douglas County DOC achieved 100% staffing levels and the incarcerated population was significantly reduced
The bill would allow beneficiaries to receive the pension benefits of the deceased corrections officer if they had retired on the date of their death
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