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In addition to honoring Americans who gave the ultimate sacrifice, Memorial Day weekend is marked by community events, travel and the unofficial start of summer
The inmate alleges it would be unconstitutionally cruel for him to die by lethal injection
The pilot program launched in late 2023, but by early May, youth inside the specialized unit were removed “at their request” and involuntary placements were halted
The study analyzed data on the number of COs and the number of prisoners in each state to determine the states with the least staffed prisons
The large-scale contraband smuggling operation involved Dixon Correctional Institute inmates, trustees, an employee and several civilians, Louisiana State Police said
The lawsuit says the unallocated funds were misused by the sheriff’s office to pay for perks “unrelated to the upkeep of the jail or the wellbeing of those in custody at the jail”
The program forgives the remaining home loan balances for law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs or paramedics serviced by CCM who have died in the line of duty
An old medical warehouse will now be used to teach Pulaski County inmates skills from lawn care to welding, in hopes of reducing recidivism
Prisoner Transport
Multiple vehicles struck the van at a toll booth and assailants fired “heavy weapons” to aid the escape before fleeing with the prisoner, killing two COs
Prisoner Transport
The officers, assigned to the Correction Department’s Emergency Service Unit, were transporting a suspect when the driver began trailing close behind them
The inmate died following an altercation with Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office corrections officers; two COs involved in the incident have been fired
Staff Misconduct
The CO is accused of recording about 2,000 bogus hours — both overtime and regular pay hours — on time sheets between July and December 2023
Violence erupted at a Boise hospital as Idaho Department of Correction officers were preparing to transport the inmate back to prison after he was treated for injuries
The investigation will examine whether Kentucky protects the facilities’ juveniles from excessive force, prolonged isolation, violence and sexual abuse, the DOJ said
Corrections Training
The restructuring would consolidate training for several agencies outside NYPD, including corrections, probation and the parks department
The corrections director said sweat lodges are a culturally specific way to address the spiritual needs of indigenous inmates — and hopefully reduce recidivism
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