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John Lilley Correctional Center Cpl. Robert Sumner was driving a transport van when it collided with another vehicle; that vehicle was driven by a CO who was on his way to work
USP Canaan is staffed at 95% while Allenwood’s staffing level is at 71% which impacts the safety of its COs and requires many to work double shifts, the union said
The Wayne County jail has agreed to implement processes for identifying people with disabilities when they arrive and programs to ensure access to treatment
The Missouri DOC is launching a $1 million special investigations unit designed to further staunch the flow of illegal material to inmates
Two COs at the Pima County Adult Detention Center were taken to the hospital for medical assessments, and others were treated by on-scene paramedics
The inmate escaped from Jasper County deputies outside a courthouse and fled to Georgia, where family members convinced him to turn himself in
In 2023, incarcerated students wrote to Los Rios Community College, criticizing the program for lacking proper counseling and teaching classes without books or computers
The magnetometers will be employed on a random and spot-check basis at unspecified jail facilities, Sheriff Kelly A. Martinez said
The judge acknowledged the city’s good faith efforts to fix understaffing by recruiting more COs with better pay and incentives but emphasized that more needs to be done
An inmate and an outside accomplice had described details of their plan to smuggle drugs into the Powell County Detention Center in recorded jail calls and chirp messages
The Federal Prison Oversight Act establishes an independent ombudsman for the BOP to field and investigate complaints
The Wisconsin DOC said it “will continue to take action for the betterment of our institutions, safety of our staff and the wellbeing of those who are in our care”
The mobile welding trailer has six welding stations for inmates within the mobile learning center; the trailer is also equipped with six virtual reality welding simulators
The April 6, 2023, blaze, which injured 15 Rikers Island jail staffers and five inmates, was set by a 30-year-old inmate with a history of starting jailhouse fires
At the peak of the inmate firefighter program in 2005, there were 192 crews, or 4,250 inmate firefighters, CDCR says; now there are about 83 hand crews, or 1,760 participants
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