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James “Whitey” Bulger was killed just hours after he was transferred from a Florida lockup to USP Hazelton in West Virginia and placed in the general population
The lawsuit stemmed from the botched transfer of infected inmates in May 2020 from a Southern California prison to San Quentin, which at the time had no infections
Pittsburg County District Judge Tim Mills wrote that psychologists found that Wade Greely Lay, 63, lacks a “rational understanding” of why he is to be executed
The Oklahoma Department of Corrections said a “human error” led to a disturbance among two security threat groups that injured more than 30 inmates
Prisoners can earn credits in a variety of ways; for example, earning a high school diploma or a high school equivalency certificate would earn a prisoner 120 days credit
Pell Grants were officially restored for incarcerated students in 2023, following a nearly 30-year ban that prohibited most incarcerated students from receiving the aid
The court found the governor lacked the authority to return the woman to Coffee Creek Correctional Institution because her sentence had expired
The new jails are being built using the design-build format that is supposed to speed up construction, according to the city’s Department of Design and Construction
The former CO at Dade Correctional Institution was found guilty of a single count of culpable negligence but was credited with time served
The Baltimore County jail work program’s primary purpose was making money, not offering rehabilitation to the detainees, the judges found
The moves are part of the state’s attempts to comply with Prop 66, which aims to speed up executions and mandate work and restitution for death row inmates
About 250 filed officers were reassigned in March to understaffed juvenile halls in a successful effort to prevent the closure of the county’s two largest facilities
Shelby County Jail inmates set objects on fire and tied a bed sheet to the main door of the jail to keep corrections deputies from gaining entry
The event, which had more than two dozen speakers sharing inspirational stories, was the first of its kind in a Virginia prison
The report details how non-detonable training aids help K-9s learn specific odors of different types of explosives while eliminating the risks of using traditional, live explosives
These social media posts show how various agencies are commemorating the week and honoring the dedication of men and women working in corrections
Correctional facilities have to be tough, durable and secure. This doesn’t happen by accident.
Florida Department of Corrections modernizes key deposit and disbursement services for 128 facilities across the state
Cleaning your firearm is not just about maintaining its aesthetics or functionality; it’s essential for ensuring safety and reliability