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Women in Corrections

The Women in Corrections topic provides news, articles, and tactical tips to help female corrections staff. There was a time that a female CO was a rarity among the ranks, but today thousands of women serve, instruct, and lead in the profession.

See the inside of prison from the viewpoint of officer Sara Lunsford
Find the perfect blend of protection, durability and comfort tailored to your unique needs as a female first responder
Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Samantha Davis, who stopped at the gas station before going to work, held the suspect at gunpoint while employees helped cuff the suspect
The inmate punched the sergeant, causing her fractures to her facial bones and detaching her retina in her right eye
The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office correctional sergeant held the suspect at gunpoint while employees helped her cuff the suspect
“I’ve never seen another human being look at someone like that, he had this look in his eyes, like you’re not getting out of here if you have a pulse,’” CO Kristen Lonnborg said
Ehea Schuerch says training for The Tactical Games takes discipline and a tough mindset – and has helped her become a better corrections officer
Rhema Harris was a CO with the St. Joseph County Police Department and a decorated U.S. Army veteran
The adult community CO becomes the youngest female to swim the North Channel between Ireland and Scotland
The California state prison system aims to increase the female workforce from 17% to 30% by expanding recruitment efforts
More than half of the employees at Coffee Creek feel it is “not a psychologically safe facility for staff,” the researchers wrote
The CO convinced a jury she was illegally discriminated against for being a Muslim while at her job at a low-security prison facility
The inmate waited for the CO to have her back turned to him when he ran directly at her and grabbed her throat
The teen attacked two COs, punching one man repeatedly and strangling a woman, police said
The woman, who helped transport prisoners, accused the state of dismissing reports of discriminatory behavior and ultimately forcing her to seek another job
The former CO said the DOC failed to address a hostile work environment after she accused another CO of sexually assaulting, stalking and harassing her
In addition to the payment to the 12 women, the sheriff’s office will be required to implement a series of specific changes at the jail to reduce sexual harassment
Making prisons more “normal and humane” will also create better work environments for correctional officers, the Bureau of Prisons director said
Former CO Asia Love attested in a 2019 affidavit that Jeroid Price, then an inmate at Lieber Correctional Institution, saved her co-worker’s life
The agreement will end the DOJ’s lawsuit which alleged the sheriff’s office allowed female COs at the Mobile Metro Jail to be exposed to sexual harassment from inmates
The Tactical Games were created to provide a platform to test the skills and readiness of tactical athletes of all backgrounds
Yesenia Sanchez vowed to reform Santa Rita Jail while inviting greater community input as the county’s new sheriff
Je’Leslie Taylor, 50, was doubted when she said she would be a warden one day, but she proved everyone wrong.
Harris, a decorated U.S. Army veteran, was not the intended target and was tragically in the “wrong place at the wrong time”
The lawsuit follows years of scrutiny and millions of dollars in damages paid to other former female employees
Daniele Tavenner is accusing her former supervisor of attempting to coerce her into a sexual relationship
Bridget Cadena is suing MDOC, alleging she was forced to quit her job after a co-worker harassed her for her sexuality