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Officer Safety

The Officer Safety topic page has the specific mission of keeping corrections officers safe through current & quality information, with tips, columnist commentary, and the latest news updates.

Sheriff Michael Moore is advocating for a temporary solution due to his deputies spending up to 15 hours traveling as far as Tennessee to transport juvenile inmates from housing facilities to court
“It’s the only way to get anyone’s attention before one of you are calling one of our families to tell a father, a mother, daughter, son was killed in the line of duty,” a 14-year CO said
Understanding the role of personal appearance in officer safety
An inmate headbutted a staff member, and as he was being subdued, “approximately 200 incarcerated people on the yard rushed toward the officers attacking them with fists and rocks,” CDCR said
The inmate fled the hospital; police tracked him to a nearby home where he was found deceased
Addressing misconceptions and safety measures in correctional facilities
Officers should always control the time and place of any interactions with inmates
Understanding and applying effective interaction techniques in the modern correctional environment