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Our Corrections1 BrandFocus sponsored content provides correctional staff with key information about a variety of corrections products, technologies and topics.

5G, new technology and tighter security among the changes to watch for
Tracking data from pretrial to release leads to better outcomes for supervisory agencies, probationers and parolees
5G connectivity plays an important role in areas where wires aren’t available
Maximizing the power of response vehicles
From remote areas to emergency vehicles, agencies can count on consistent connectivity with cellular access
Products designed to detect contraband in correctional facilities
Replacing cleaning supplies with these tools can help boost facility safety
New correctional technology gives facilities and residents the tools to prepare for successful re-entry while promoting facility and community safety
This array of tools can help agencies cover all their bases
The Buckingham County Sheriff’s Office initially faced a challenge when their existing CAD system became outdated and no longer in service
Many probation and supervision agencies rely on aging technology systems that are difficult for officers to use and don’t provide adequate data for decision-making and measurement of outcomes
Learn practical information like where to look for grants, how to create a strong application and best practices when writing your case