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The off-duty Corrections1 topic highlights off-duty incidents involving corrections personnel, and other relevant information for correctional officers.

“BIG HOUSE” is the 11th seasoning created by the Smokin’ Bros, who donate a portion of all sales to the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation
The adult community CO becomes the youngest female to swim the North Channel between Ireland and Scotland
The CO was shot twice in the leg and the would-be carjacker was shot in the back and leg
John DeSalvo is accused of creating a crypto token and marketing it to first responders on social media, promising returns to supplement their pension plans
Correctional Deputy Arturo Romero was a 24-year member of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office
Lawyers for CO William Durham’s family argued Zachary Latham lured the victim into the fatal fight in a bid for “TikTok fame”
Ava Renee Morgan, 41, served as a corrections officer with the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail Authority
CO Chad Ammerman swam 300 yards to save an elderly man in the water near his sinking boat
CO Robert Wilkerson served Caroline County Department of Corrections since 2007
Riverside County sheriff’s correctional deputy Daniel Jacks Jr. and his 20-year-old daughter died at the scene
Correctional officer Harry Bestolarides is a soft-spoken visiting officer but after work, he is the lead singer of the alternative-metal band Sedit
Dion Middleton, 45, was charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon for the death of Raymond Chaluisant, 18
Donn Weber so far has driven to fish in 47 states, with only Oregon, Washington and Hawaii remaining on his bucket list
Organizers want campers to learn how “living the right path” can put them in a position of leadership
Harris, a decorated U.S. Army veteran, was not the intended target and was tragically in the “wrong place at the wrong time”